Monday, May 26, 2008

Bed and Breakfast

I just found out that dog beds are not for breakfast. Darn.

To be honest, it didn't taste too good, but it was sure a lot fun to eat.



Ernie said...

uh oh...just like the fluff inside those stuffed animals, dog beds are not really good eats either...(I just have to ask long did it take you to de-fluff your bed? and was it fun while it lasted?)

Boris said...

Hector and Ernie,

What's happening? Does April flowers bring May de-fluffing?

Other than the eating part, I resemble your remarks:

Unlike food, don't throw-out the fluff wrapper. Kind of a hi-tech "green thing" you'll learn about called - recycling. For example, I use my 'empty' animals as great pull toys, like my cousin's duck gift.

As for the beds, my people came-up with a great Tx-Hi-Tech recyle. First, the special lady called Grandma fixed the cover zipper opening. Then my OEL buys this neat 'space-bed foam' (heard it called memory foam for our old folks with CRS). Poor Sam's, he cut their 3" full-size mattress topper into 4 dog-bed inserts. So, the foam piece goes into the recycled cover making a hi-tech upgrade. Now my bed is as comfortable as the OEL's and almost as cozy as the leather couch.

So, you weren't destructive. You were just 'refurbishing' APBT style.

Speaking of May, today celebrates Memory-day. Something like remind us of all who have given us freedom like "pet doctors who were waiters", Vets-that-Served. My folks are proud of their military family members, especially the ones how have passed on ...

Check Back Soon, Boris

2beemo said...

Sir Hector?






I hope you didn't ask for unsupervised couch privileges after that! ;)