Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Do I Look Like a Cookie?

I've noticed a funny trend in my life - everyone is always biting and pulling on my cheeks. One of the first things my favorite friend Tim did to me when I got to California was to nibble on my cheek. I wasn't sure how much I liked it, but I like him, so it was OK. Now he does it every time I see him, which is FUN!

Then I moved in with my family, and my dad starting doing the same thing. Sometimes he pulls on both of my cheeks and we both make funny faces.

Even my newest girlfriend Sydney nibbles on my face. I love Sydney - she is so pretty and fun. She came to California and Bad Rap from New Orleans because someone called Katrina flooded her house.

I'm starting to think my face must look like a yummy cookie or something. I think its a good thing to have cookie cheeks because it makes everyone wants to play with me, and that means lots of FUN and I can bounce and zoom around and its ok to be crazy.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

You certainly do look like a cookie OREO,I mean UBA but I bet you`re even sweeter.

Anonymous said...

I would love to nibble on that face myself! Happy New Year you sweet thang!

Boris said...


You and yours' looked great in SI.

Their nibbling shows a lacked fiber in their diet (maybe they need more walks too). I'm confused like you about them going for the cheeks - I've got more than my share making them an easy target.

So let them get in real close, and then give them one of those sloberry kisses right in the mouth.

Happy New Year, Boris

Anonymous said...

I discovered this blog several months ago. I love seeing the pictures of the dogs with their forever families! Uba, you are just an adorable dog, no two ways about it.

non-non said...

I understand the feeling of wanting to do them.I nibbled my dog and pulled both her cheeks!XD
But she wasn't unwilling it so I did everyday.

Anonymous said...

Oh Uba, you have the cutest cookie cheeks I've ever seen!!! Can I give them a little nibble? Please?

Linda said...

Uba, next time I see you - I'm nibbling your face!