Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Being a Good Boy

Hey Everybody!

Here I am looking out my sliding glass door. That might seem pretty ordinary, but I didn't used to get to do this on my own because SQUIRRELS are REALLY EXCITING!
There's a tree right outside my door, and those rascals come wave their tails and tease me, and then I get in trouble for shouting at them to CLEAR OFF! WOO! But my Lady says I am a big handsome boy now and that big boys don't shout at squirrels. Even when they really, really want to. Plus, big boys get more cookies! So I'm trying extra hard, and most of the time now I can watch them quietly and just think loud thoughts in my head.


Kari in Redwood City said...

My girls also think squirrels are tons of fun. In fact Mesa, who goes to the same CGC class as you, ended up in a pool because she was chasing one across the yard!

Boris said...

Hey Hand-some-Man Ernie,

Wisdom comes from experience,
Experience often comes from bad judgement.

So, it is wise to get out that first 'woot', otherwise how do they know it is squirrel cookie time.

I tried to 'leave my spot' when family eating dinner. I'm thinking I'll get another treat if I'm asked to go back. They caught on quick.

Keep your composure, and I'll,
Check-back, Boris

Heather said...

Its OK Ernie - my guys have a tough time with squirrels and rabbits too!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Ernie, my girl thinks that squirrels are fun to chase too. The only way that she stops is by throwing her whole body against the fence. I guess that's better than her catching one though. I work in a vet hospital, and I have seen the faces of a few of the dogs that have caught them. You are far to handsome to let a squirrel tear up your face! Keep being a good boy, and keep those cookies coming!

StellaStar said...

hahaha! This is such a funny post! You rock, Ernie!

Laura said...

I laughed out loud at "think loud thoughts in my head!" Great read. Thanks.