Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!

So I guess M-guy and M-gal said that I just had my Estimated Birthday on Tuesday! They said it was estimated because they don't really know when I was born. I could tell them, but I don't like to think about those days, so I'm gonna start fresh and have my Estimated Birthday be my Real Birthday from now on.

M-guy seemed a little preoccupied and busy with other stuff, but that's okay because he gave me extra treats and told me he'd make it up to me this weekend with a fun late birthday outing. Also, since it was my birthday and he couldn't take me anywhere special, he let me sleep in bed with him and M-gal! That rocked!! M-guy kept waking up sometimes because he didn't have sheets covering him the whole way. For some reason he wasn't able to move them, so since I was already up there on the sheets next to him, I made sure to curl up real close to him and not move to try and keep him warm, since the sheets obviously weren't doing the trick. If he were smart, he would totally keep me up in bed to do this more often. M-gal made me special home baked doggie treats shaped like bones too! M-guy slipped me an extra one while the other dogs weren't looking. Mmmmmm......yum..............



Love all the BadRap dogs said...

Happy Birthday to you Hector and many,many,many more.

I`m sure you`re going to also get tons of treats when you start visiting Hospitals or Senior homes as a Therapy Dog.

I hope you have a plan in place to retain that svelte body.

You`re looking very handsome and fit.

Boris said...

"Happy B-day to you, Happy B-day to you ... "
Get in a couple good kisses with those bed hugs.

"Happy B-day dear Mr. Hector, Happy B-day ..."
"... how old are you, how old are you"
I bet you're old enough now to share one of those
Brown foamy waters the M-guy likes along with some of that special cheese that comes from W-state. I got a feeling the fire-trucks would be pulling-up if they lit a candle for for each of your 'estimated' dog years.

"... you look like a pibble and you smell like one too!"

O.K. M-guy's songs and singing are better. So, post a video of him doing you b-day tune with his band.

Vivere cento anni,


GiGwriter said...

Happy birthday to a sweet darling, no one deserves that cake more ('cept maybe the M&Ms, for giving you such a happy ending) Smile on! :D

Anita said...

Happy BIRTHDAY! You really look like a very happy doggy!

Princess said...

Happy NEW Real Birthday Handsome Hector! Can't wait to hear about what special outing you get for b-day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hector!!

You have come such a long way and nobody deserves treats and belly rubs more than you do!!! Keep up the good work pal...You are the true poster boy for pits everywhere!!!! Rock on, boy!!!!!

NYCKitten said...

Happy Birthday Hector!! You continue to make us all so proud! Sending massive, wiggly, pit bull hugs from NYC on your special (estimated) day!!!

megan colleen said...

Happy Birthday Hector! I don't know the birthday for my dog Mojo either so we celebrate "Gotcha" Day instead. "Gotcha" Day is the day I brought Mojo home to live with me. It will be 5 years this coming May!

Is that a cake M-Gal made you? can you ask if they will post the recipe? It looks delicious! :)

PoochesForPeace said...

YAY Hector! Happy B-day!
You are such an inspiring story :) *Kisses and hugs*

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hector and many many more! xoxo

She Seeketh Wool and Flax said...

Happy Birthday to Hector. What a happy birthday it must be for him. He gets to sleep in a bed. I enlarged tht pic of him, the scares he carries, are just a reminder of his past hopefully not a memory anymore. These Vick dogs deserve all that they are getting and hopefully more. We have 2 pit bulls (Stafordshire Terriers- excuse me) and they are our loves. Hector is so so handsome, cherish him and love him every minute you can.
Blessings to all of you helping these beautiful dogs

Sprite, the odd dog. said...

I just love your blog. I survived Hurricane Katrina!!! I was born during it... so I sort of came from it.

smell yer butt later!

Sprite, the odd dog.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Belated best wishes to you, boy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you Hector! We are so proud of you for all you have achieved, and happy for you in your new life. May you have many more happy birthdays to come. You have some wonderful human parents!

Love from Cali!


Happy Birthday to you!
You deserve the best birthday evah!


Gamby said...

Happy Birthday Hector! Me, Im a little bit restless for the past few weeks and yet our waiting is over. I finally delivered eight cute pit-babies. I will post them later this day. What so especial is that its my Master's Birthday, too!

Happy Birthday once again Hector!

Snoep Dogg said...

Happy birthday H-H-Hector!,

My human doesn't know my real birthday either 'cuz I was a rescue too, so he guesstimated and we'll celebrate my fourth b-day in September. I hope it's as good as our second anniversary was last week; I got a new cow femur bone and an (almost) empty jar of peanut butter to lick out! Yummy!
My human Steve said we'll go into the city soon and I can go see the Hudson river again!- I just LOVE NYC, there's so many dog smells to smell, nightime rats to chase, and all the kids in Clinton park on 54th street love to watch me climb trees. My Stevie says I'm like a rockstar there, whatever that is.
By the way Hector, you look soooo much like me, perhaps we're long-lost relatives. Woof!
Once I learn to heel and walk closer to his side, my Stevie said I can get a "CGC"; I don't know what that is but he gets so excited when he talks about it, it must be good. If it means treats, I'm down! Ditto for the therapy-dog thing, I'd love to visit people that are sick and miss having a dog around; I know I couldn't live without my people so I'm sure people feel the same way about their doggies.

For your birthday Hector, I'll tell you the lyrics to a song my human sings to me all the time: it used to be called "Take Me Out to the Ball Game", but he rewrote it as "Take Me Out to the Bull Game". I'll put your name in instead of mine, 'cause you're so cool:

Take Me Out to the Bull Game

Take me out to the bull game
Take me out with Hec-tor
Buy me some pit bull and terrier-jack
If your bull's not a pit you're so wack
Let me res- res- rescue the pit bulls
If your bull's not a pit it's a shame
For it's tum- tum- tummy rub time
At the old bull game!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, big guy; glad you are doing well. Much happiness!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Big Guy,

By becoming a therapy dog, you'll contribute more to society than that mean ole' Michael Vick ever could. Love that face!