Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer School

Hey Everybody!
I got to go to a FUN school where we ran around in the grass and did all kinds of different stuff in front of cones and signs. My Lady says it's called Rally and it was Really Cool. My friends Uba and Audie came too, and a new girl I didn't know before called Ms. Kitty. Boy she was PRETTY! I hope we get to hang out again.
Here's me waiting my turn to start:

Then we went really fast around some cones. I LIKE weaving!!

But my FAVORITE was the loves & scratchies I got when I finished. I could barely stand still long enough to have my picture taken.

Hope you all get to enjoy the sunshine, too!


Ms said...

You really think I'm pretty? My Mom calls me "Miss Pretty" all the time but... she's my Mom.

I like spending time with you and the other boyz in summer school. I hope I get to see you soon. I am going to try and sneak some really good treats out from my house so if I can, I will share!

Ms Kitty

NYCKitten said...

Oh Ernie, you are sunshine. What a fantastic gentlemen you are!!! These posts always renew my faith in the world. Hugs and luvs from NYC!!!

Uba said...

Summer school is tons of fun! Next time we get together I will pay attention better, instead of complaining about my crate.
Ms. Kitty, I'm really happy that we have such a beautiful girl in summer school to balance out all us funny looking boys.
See you soon, Ernie, Audie and Ms. Kitty!

Ernie said...

Whoooo-eee! Hope you can get the nice treats, Ms. Kitty.

And thanks for the hugs 'n luvs
NYCKitten. I'm always glad to hear from people in other places. Bet there are lots of fun things to sniff in New York!

See you soon Uba- you guys are awesome.

Boris said...

Ernie a.k.a. Mr. July,

How is summer school going?

Must be the lack of Vick-Dog girls, but like Uba, you sure do make a great 'pin-up'. I can just imagine those ears and goofy grin rallying around of course.

We've got a record-hot going here in Planet Houston, I'm so glad we summer school indoors.

I'll check back,