Saturday, August 1, 2009

My New Friend

Hey Everybody!
I made a new friend! His name is Winston, and he's really fun. Sometimes I used to get excited about stuff when I was on my leash, and it was hard to meet new people when I was being excited. My Man and Lady called me a Big Goofball, but now I learned when you are calm and quiet, humans bring tasty treats, and you can meet all kinds of people.
So, Winston goes to school with me and we met really slowly so I could remember to stay calm. First, we went on walks together somewhere new, and then later we got to play in Winston's yard. We ran and jumped and ran some more.

He's soooo cool, but then he did something I haven't figured out yet.

He jumped in a BIG COLD BATH! AAAACK. He tried to get me to come in, but I don't like baths. Not at all. So I watched from the outside.
We get to play again next weekend, which is just fine with me.


Nichole said...

There is nothing on this earth cuter than pibbles.

We love your blog!

SuzannaBanana said...

Winston says, "Sometimes a guy gets kinda hot, and he has to cool off his undercarriage in the pool. It's O.K. that it's just me, because that means that Ernie's naturally cooler than I am. He's a great romper, too. Thanks for playing with me, Ernie!"

audie said...

Boy that Winston doesn't get it! Doesn't he know that baths are to be avoided? Geez, he's got lots to learn! LOL
Your buddy, Audie

tula said...

yep, you just got to jump right in!

stay cool,

Pippin said...

Ernie may not like baths so much, but he sure does like to swim!

GiGwriter said...

You don't think he has issues with the wading pools ... from Vick's place ..?

Dianne in DC said...

Wow, Ernie really does have long legs! This is the first picture where I could really see. Glad to know you are making friends.


Brownie said...

You mean Winston went into the bath willingly?! He's nuts! or maybe he knows something we don't...?

You are so cute playing together!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ernie I am so happy for you and your new life! Kisses to you and Winston for being adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

they ban pete rose forever from baseball for gambling but they let this lo life pcs of crap mike vick play football again after the unspeakable abuse he coused to animals,im appauled!