Saturday, February 27, 2010

Read to Me

Do you read ???

A lot of people I meet like to read.

I don't read too much myself, but I sure like when people read to me.

Oh' and I like to look at the pictures too, even upside down.

So if you like to read too, or just want to say "Hi" come by and visit. We hang out at the Brisbane Library. But be careful, you could catch what my dad says is a reading bug. I hope I don't get it.



Schwang said...

What a great program! I know how great it is for the kids, and I think it must be just as fun for you. We were hoping to get our pooches involved in the program here in Chicago once our schedules clear up a bit.

Lynn said...

My goodness, these photos make me smile~~
Good boy, Jonny!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful it is that you participate in this program, Jonny! It is such an awesome activity that benefits so many in multiple ways. Thank you for being a listener and brightening up the literary futures of children while being a great representative for dogs and pitbulls!

A Librarian in a Town Far Far Away

Anonymous said...

Jonny will you come to UMBC so I can read Biochemistry and Animal Physiology to you? It just isn't the same reading it by yourself in the library :(

John said...

Very nice photos:)

Eileen Gibb said...

I wish we had a dog-in-the-library program here in South Africa!