Sunday, July 12, 2009

Can you believe it's been a year!

Hi, I'm back. I've been getting to know my forever family.
I'm enjoying my big backyard with lots of balls and tuggies.

Best of all my new home came with a built in playmate, my sister Izzi.
She's still trying to convince me that water is fun.

True love.
Napping together after a play.

I love Spa day!


PoochesForPeace said...

What adorable pictures.

Anonymous said...

So cute!!!! Those pictures are so sweet!

Boris said...


Iz-zi pretty. If she is anything like my Sheena, she is just 'reloading' so watch out when you think she is resting.

And, aren't you the sheik (or is that chique) one in the family!

Congrat's on your "FIRST" and best wish for your remaining forever years,


Kate said...

TOO adorable :)

Brownie said...

How cute!

The Other Sally's Mom said...

Aw, Teddles looks so happy. Congrats all around!!!

Anonymous said...

Umm..... Teddles- I think your parents need to buy you some new toys!! I'm sure that wasn't you who ate them all!

Christine said...

Ted-Baby! Good to see you back on the blog! Big kisses from us, and especially Sam, who STILL talks about you.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Teddles,
The photo of you napping with your soulmate is the ultimate!!!!

Anonymous said...

TOO DARNED CUTE, both of you! Happy dog, happy dog...that's the way it's supposed to be.