Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Party Boy

A few weeks ago I went with my people to a big party where all my friends were waiting to say hello to me. They kept saying things about fireworks, but I know the party was for us dogs. First I went on a little walk with Frodo. We saw some tall skinny creatures called deer.

When we got back from our walk I explored this huge field. My people said it was OK to go as far as I wanted and really inspect the whole place.

After I looked at everything and sniffed a lot, I ran around really fast to celebrate being a free dog.

My people tell me that other dogs like me who come from scary places will be able to spend time in this big wide open place and learn about being dogs. I think that sounds like a really good idea.



Boris said...

Uba Boy,

You and Frodo's gorgeous celebrities looks get you into those exclusive outdoor club. So party on dudes! I see it is hard to corral your feelings of glee when on a "butt-tucking" free-run.

As for the fireworks on July 4th, my folks explained it to me. Everyone's cheering "my re-birthday", as July 4th is my "born-on" date in my EB-SPCA adoption papers.

Maybe you have it right with the symolism of this day, which will remind folks to donate towards the 'rescue barn". We can declare it the independence trail for many more pibbles.

So you two, keep it real-fun and keep promoting the cause. To quote movie scollars: "Be excellent to each other"


PoochesForPeace said...

Nice to see you again uba!

Brownie said...

Uba, you looks like you are having a blast in that park!

rachel kesel said...

Uba, I bet you ran so fast! How fun to be so free to zoom.

If you're ever on Facebook, check out "Pooches' Playtime". My friends down there have been fostering litters. They post the cutest, feel good pix you've ever seen. The 5 day old chihuahua mixes fit in my hand!

See you in a week!

Kari in Redwood City said...

Uba you look so cute! Love your zoomies!

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Frodo! He doesn't look like he likes parties very much in that photo. :-(

www.whatapittie.com said...

Here's a blog that I'll be checking often!

It warms my heart to see such happy dogs. YAY!