Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Did you Hear ??

Did you hear the BIG NEWS ?



Sam said...

If we're thinking of the same thing, I sure did hear..

Dont worry - the most important thing is that you all are safe and he'll never get his grubby hands on another one of you guys again..

Sam said...

Oh wow! I did not realize that that was a link. Sorry Jonny! I thought you were talking about the recent things in the news regarding *coughcough* football..

I'll have to check out this barn raising thing!

Boris said...

Hey Jonny,

I believe what perked your ears was 'ground-breaking news'. We need to coach everyone into the present by following your lead (bold LINK). Or:

Now pibbles across the land, including Sam, need to encourage our folks to contribute in whatever way they can to bring BadRap "rescue barn" to life. The July news showed ten bully-dogs traveling to California, while over 400 more still needing to find a happy trail (like a "rescue barn") to their potential homes.

I'll check-back with my folks check, Boris

Anonymous said...

You are such a handsome stud, JJ! I love your ears sticking up!!! xoxo