Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Going to law school

Yup. You read it right. I got into law school.

Yesterday, my Nice Lady took me for a long car ride up to a place called Sacramento. She had to do a presentation for BAD RAP to a group of law students. We walked around campus for a while so I could pee on a bunch of stuff but she wouldn't let me FLING my masterful flings on the freshly manicured grass -- my favorite kind! Where's the justice in that?!

I was going to introduce myself to the Admissions people, but Nice Lady said she didn't think I was actually allowed to be in the administration buildings. Well, THAT's a silly rule -- how in the heck am I supposed to do well in school if I can't go into the building??

Anyway, the students in the classroom ooh-ed and ahh-ed over me and I soaked it all up. I mean, who would turn down adoration and love? And, who can blame them? I AM pretty darn cute, after all.

It was fun, but exhausting. I hope they didn't notice me dozing off in class -- how embarassing!
Thanks so much to the Animal Law Society!


Mac`s Gang said...

Ah Teddles,I`m impressed.
Law School!!

"I AM pretty darn cute, after all."

I second that.
Don`t worry about dozing off.
You`d fit right in with a lot of students.
Can you tell us about the BadRap presentation?
Was it BSL or "fight dog" related?
I`ll bet you changed some minds and hearts just by showing up.

SuzannaBanana said...

Awww, Teddles! You do have a smart look about you. And don't worry about closing your eyes in class. It's called being deep in thought. It's not dozing until you start audibly snoring.

Ernie said...

If they don't let you in the building, what do they expect you to do? Take online courses or something? How about I distract the admin folks and you march right in like you own the place?

Uba said...

Law School sounds like fun. Is it like pit bull school where everyone says how good you are and stuff? I wonder if I'll go to law school one day. We'll have to figure out a way to get them to let us inside, though. I'll be very cute, Ernie can smile a lot, and you play with the kids, and maybe we can convince them.

Boris said...

Ted-man you look cool on campus but really slick in HDTV. Caught you on HDNET this evening where your whole special family was together taking the listeners to school. What fantastic people you have.

I was jealous of all those kisses landing on Pit Bulls. You took one right on the head in pit-ed class. Eeven your special little boy snuck some in.

JJ look out, another TV star is born!

Teddles said...

Hey MG,

Nice Lady did a schpiel on very general BSL info. The student-run Animal Law Society hosted the panel, and the audience was very receptive. I hope that they continue to be interested in the issues that plague companion animals since some of them will inevitably be influential when they get out of school.

The rest of the panel included a local vet behaviorist as well as Bob Ferber, a Los Angeles City Attorney who works in the Animal Protection Unit.

I loved Bob because he was extra nice to me. He said I reminded him of his pit bull Amy, who was also a fight bust rescue, and now a therapy dog.

2beemo said...

Good job, Mr. Teddles!