Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Moving Day

April 25th is a big day in my life.

Last year, on April 25th, 2007, people came and put stuff in boxes and took me and all the dogs I knew off our chains and out of the dark and lonely woods. After that I spent a long time in custody, which was really scary and boring.

This year, right before April 25th, my people started putting stuff in boxes. I got really worried and stayed in my crate wondering if this meant the people would come and take me and Lulu away and put me in custody again. Then, on April 25th, my mom took me and Lulu for a car ride to a house in a quiet neighborhood where we had gone before to meet a "fan" that my people called "the Landlord".
Here we are watching some of the boxes during our car ride.

Soon a whole bunch of men showed up with all the boxes from our apartment. Lulu did a lot of talking to the men because she wanted to make sure everything went in the right place (she got in trouble for being too bossy and had to have a time out). My people told me that we had "moved" and this was our new house. I like this place a lot, there's lots of space and an interesting back yard just for me and Lulu, that we don't have to share with neighbors. There is also a special room called the "garage" just for my treadmill!

This April 25th was a lot better than last year.


2beemo said...

Oh my gosh, poor little Lulu looks so worried! Lulu has taught you so many things, now it's your turn Uba, tell her to be brave! I'm sure you two are loving your new playgroud aka the backyard. Have fun!!

Boris said...

Enjoy your new digs!

A house can be where you put your crate, but a home is where you find loving care and compassion.
Lulu and her family have such big and generour hearts. They make us realize that everyday is special for you.

Check-back-soon, Boris

Uba said...

Hey 2B, Lulu is using her "manipulative" face here, she's not worried at all. She is just trying to get our people to do what she wants. In this picture, she wanted to sit in the front seat of the car so she could put her head out of the window, and also make sure we were going the right way. Lulu is a good teacher, but she can be a bit bossy.

Thanks Boris! I love our new place, and now I like to go out on walks! I used to get scared of all the people and loud things on the street near our old house, but now walks are really fun! There is lots of grass and interesting plants and trees to pee on and then fling. It's great!

Karen said...

Good news also from the dogs now at Best Friends. This article made my day: