Saturday, April 5, 2008

Camera Time

My friends and I have paparazzi and fans!

Photographers, camera crews, reporters and fans come to our pit bull school to see us, take our pictures, and talk to our people. I'm not the most famous dog in the world, but I guess I may be more famous than other dogs. Camera people come to our house and to our classes and ask me to pose and look handsome. I sit and get treats and next thing you know, my picture is on the internet and in the newspaper! Since my picture was on the internet next to Britney Spears, I guess I have paparazzi.

Sometimes there are people at school who I have never even met who know my name and who get really excited to see me. Even though they are really nice, they make me a little nervous because I'm kind of shy with new people. I try really hard to be brave and say hi, because it is so nice that so many people know me. Dutch says those are "fans".

The first time I had paparazzi was back when I was in custody and people from a paper called the New York Post came. I was pretty worried about the camera, but curious, too. This is me, in my kennel, wondering what the camera was. I was called "number 32" then.

I'm so glad BAD RAP and so many wonderful people worked so hard to get me and my friends out of jail. It is really great to have a free life and have fans and paparazzi. When I meet them I can show my people that I am getting more and more brave.


Now I know about cameras, I don't mind posing for pictures at all. See how good I am at pouting?

hugs, Uba


Mac`s Gang said...

Oh Uba
#32 sounds so pathetic and sad.
You`re #1 now.
Don`t tell the others.
You`ve filled out a lot since your custody days and you`re looking really good.
Don`t be too much like Britney.
We don`t want you going to rehab and don`t talk to TMZ.
I`ve only seen it once but once was enough.
Glad to hear you`re getting braver.

Boris said...

Hey Uba,
It’s a funny socialization for a sprung ‘con-vick’. Lots of responsibility comes with being an am-bass-a-dog, … you and your people are doing great. Was my pa ‘fanning’ at Pit Ed class when he visited (says he just hung with Dutch by Teddles-lady's SUV)?

My people tried to explain to me about this crazy flat-world of TV-vids, (it might be how we see things?). The ‘-razzis’ provide the ‘treats’ for all those folks in ‘sit-stay’ watching screens/pictures. Yet once-in-while, they’ll get the point of what’s happening out there (beyond you're so cute). So keep mugging, with your best ‘come do-something stare’ and your most playful romp! Maybe they'll go look for that bully available for their ‘real-world enjoyment’ or at least wake-up others to our friends' plight.

When it gets scary with "flashing" backs, just refocus on your family and people who love you so much. Your attention makes it real for them, while ‘re-loading’ their heart for the next rescue.

And whatever you do, don’t let the celeb-status go to your head – I’ve got ‘big-head’ covered.

yoonamaniac said...

Why were you pouting anyway?

Uba said...

Thanks MG, I've been eating lots of yummy food and getting good exercise and I'm even more muscular now than I was in the picture at the bottom. I am kind of addicted to playing, and running on the treadmill, but I don't think I'll have to go to rehab for that.

Boris, I didn't go to the class on the day your dad went, my mom had to sit in front of her computer all day and not play with me and my dad was away. My mom says your dad was a big help at the shots fair she went to when she left us alone on Sunday. Don't worry, my head isn't nearly as big as yours, and it doesn't seem to be growing, unlike my muscles. Compared to big burly dogs like you I have a small head, but my people say it is just the right size. They say its proportional because I am made to be an athlete.

Georgia Moon said...

Wow Uba. This is your cousin Georgia (your mum's sister's dog in Virginia...where you came from)If I had your treadmill, I wouldn't even be able to lie down because my legs would be SO PUMPED UP. Luckily my daddy takes me for rides along side him on his bicycle. I have to pull him sometimes because he is lazy. You should ask your daddy to do that too, it's fun to be out in the fresh air!
In fact, you and I could easily be Hans and Frans from Saturday Night Live (that's a tv show, i don't know if your mum let's you stay up that late to watch it).

Uba said...

HI!!! Hi Georgia, hi, hi, hi! I have heard lots about you. I think you are very very brave because you hang out all day long at your dad's shop where he makes motorcycles. Motorcycles are so very scary because they make horrible loud noises. You must be the bravest pit bull ever. Even braver than Lulu!
I've been trying to get my dad to take me when he goes out on his bicycle, but he says he goes too far and too fast for me. I am very fast and very strong, so I'm going to keep trying to convince him.

Hey, yoon, I pout so the people smile and give me hugs. It works, usually!

Kirsten said...

d'oh, Uba, that's true... You're a camera magnet! I snuck a nice shot of you w/ your foster mom at Pit Ed, on my flickr:

It pales in comparison to the pouty close-up. though. :)