Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday...A Day of Rest

Well, actually, naps are good any ol' day of the week, not just on a Sunday... and even better when curled up with a favorite friend or family member.


Mac`s Gang said...

You and your peeps must not have snow to shovel.
That`s why you can nap.
I was just outside playing frisbee with Tupper and she can still jump(almost step) over a 6 ft fence.
Of course it`s not all that deep but you know dogs,where there`s a will there`s a way.
She just went over to show me that she could.She immediately jumped back in.She`s smart.She knows I was not amused.
It`s supposed to be a balmy 10 degrees C here tomorrow,so some melting may kick in.
Not too much and not too fast I hope because I live on the river and it`ll be bad for some if it`s too fast.I have high banks so I should be ok.
Anyway enjoy your nap.
Tupper`s having one,with Angus.
Poor Tupper.
Angus just will not give up on being best friends.
Cute friend BTW.
Now I have to vacuum.

2beemo said...

oh ernie, you're such a cute lil snugglebug! what more could we ask of the perfect family pet?!