Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So, my name's Teddles.

That's me over there -- the upside down one. The other dogs are my foster sisters -- Isabelle, the black and white one, and Lucy, the one by the wall. That Lucy is small, but man, she's bitchy!

People ask me where I got my name from. Well, after a few days at my foster home, Nice Lady and Nice Mister were tossing around a few names. Nice Lady said she wanted something that sounded strong (well, heh, of course), but simple (uh, what?).

Uh. Where was I. Oh, my name.

So, they would look at me, turn their heads to one side and call out names.
John? Frank? Wally?


Then, I hear this little insistent voice say, "Actually, mom, it's TEDDLES." And every time someone said, "Ted," this little person would correct them, "Actually, it's TEDDLES."

And there my name was born. Adults call me Ted or Ted-Baby. And the little one switches between Ted-Baby, Teddles, and Teddles-Baby.

At first, I found it a little embarassing. But now I kind of like it. I mean, hey, the little one hangs out with me and helps Nice Lady feed me and the other dogs. I can humor the kid.

Besides, after people meet me, they usually walk away smiling when they learn that I got my name from a 2-year old.


Anne K. in L.A. said...

Dear Teddles,

My partner in crime, Dottie, would like to say that sometimes people have to intervene so that you don't get stuck with a name that doesn't suit you. In Dottie's case, she would have been plain' ole' Dots. We both like to think Dottie is a much better name. The little person did a great job in naming you Teddles. You really seam cuddly like a Teddy Bear. Glad to see you have a great new friend.

Anne K. in L.A. & Dottie Dots

yoonamaniac said...

Thank God for the little kid!

Little Boy Blue said...

Teddles -

Being named by a two year old is good. I don't understand why, but for some reason lots of people are afraid of us pibbles and things like that make them less afraid.

I live with a grumpy bitch too! Her name is Miss Pico and she's a runt cocker spaniel, so even smaller than your foster sister. She's taught me a lot about how to be a good house dog and how to medic alert, but boy is she grumpy when I'm not doing what she wants!

Jenifer said...

That 2 year old sure knew how to pick 'em~~~
Your name is perfect, and so are you!

Mac`s Gang said...

I`m with the 2 year old.
Teddles is the perfect name.
I think I saw this same 2 year old over on Lassie Get help,if I`m not mistaken.