Thursday, April 24, 2008


Outside is one of my favorite words.
It can mean outside in the backyard. I like the backyard.

It can mean a walk in the park. I also like the park. When I go to places outside, I try and say hello to everyone I see. Hey, Mister Gopher, How's it going down there in your little cave ?

Whenever I hear the word " outside ", It puts a smile on my face.




Anonymous said...

Hector! You are toooooo sexy!

Ernie said...'s super fun being outside, isn't it? So many new things to see and do in this world. I especially like chasing lizards, watching birds, and catching bugs. Mom says I'm a "typical boy" that way and she has fun watching me learn about so many new things in this world. Every single day is a new adventure...Woof!!!

Boris said...

Hey Hector,
Can't imagine how Outside has changed for your clan, from cowering on a chain ... now to bouncing around people parks. Sniff-up every moment.

You tell'em Ernie's about being a tip'CAL-boy. Just watch those critters as they are real sneeky. One liz'rd got me to smack my head in chase. And, when you get your body smellin' "outside-boy right" enjoy it while you can, tub-time back at the ranch.

Do you coffee shops? - look for those domed straw drink gals -if you butt-wag real cute and do that tilt head with a little ear, you can get a sweet white cream treat! That's Outside CAL style.

I'm checking back, Boris

Anonymous said...

Dear Hector,
I am so happy for you! I was rescued by my mom when I was just a little pup. I am so glad you have a second chance. I like it outside too. But I am afraid of BUGS! One day mom was watching me sunning myself on the patio and a scary beetle was approaching me. I was so scared I jumped two feet in the air. I have NEVER heard my mom laugh so hard.
Who knew that pibbles were afraid of bugs!
Wishing you ALL the love and luck in the world. Your pal,

2beemo said...

man, hector..... you sure are a hunk!

Anonymous said...

looks like your brother Lucas is having some outside lizard fun, too!