Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Halloween

I went to my first costume party this past Saturday. It was Great ! The nice folks at Oakland Animal Services did a fantastic job putting on this event. Everyone really liked the cool costume Aunt Roxanne made for me. It was a hit, but not as big as HonkyTonk from BADRAP and his chair jumping tricks, or the great show Paco from Paco Collars put on. Those guys are pros.

If you are ever in the Oakland area, please stop in and say "Hi" to all the nice folks, and visit all the great critters waiting for a home. Tell them Jonny sent you. Better yet, don't just say "Hi ", take one home !

Wishing everyone a fun, safe, and tail wagging Halloween !



Aringsburg Kennel said...

hey Jonny.... Wish you a happy Halloween a bit in advance. The pics in this blog is really really nice!

I am an avid dog lover and seriously run a couple of dog blogs. I'm sure you will like these:

jhumpa jones said...

Hey, Jonny!

I love your picture. You are so handsome wearing your red sign! This is such a cool holiday - I get to pretend that I'm someone else. But the coolest part is that this year I only want to be me. 'Cause life is so much fun now!

Today I jumped in a big pile of leaves and made a big mess but my person laughed really hard. I guess the leafy mess was ok because it is Halloween. Yay!

Happy Hollo-Ween!!

Jhumpa Jones

Dogs Circle said...

love the AsSeenOnTV custome, what a great idea!