Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Learning to Relax

This time last year was the beginning of my life as a free dog. Tim had come and lifted me down from my kennel and we had all loaded up into the big RV for the long journey to California. When Tim asked me to leave the kennel, I was kind of nervous because I had lived in that one small place for so long without leaving. I was excited, too, because I knew he was really nice from when I met him when he came to see me and Hector and Jhumpa and our other friends in September. Today a year ago, I was learning about the outside again and running around on a long line with Nicole and Steve.

This year has been really busy and I have learned lots of new things. I have seen my picture in newspapers and magazines and on the computer. I have even become a Canine Good Citizen and got my very own family with a beautiful big sister to hang out with and two cats to jump over.

To celebrate my one year anniversary as a free dog I am learning something new. I am learning how to relax. My people have been telling me to relax for a long time, usually when I am being really really bouncy and re-organizing the furniture by throwing myself at it, but now I am learning what "relax" really means. We have taken a little time off from training classes and we have been going for long walks and playing "keep the ball away from the people" a lot. I am definitely enjoying this laid back life. I like relaxing, so long as there is lots of fun stuff to do.


Love all the BadRap dogs said...

You`ve come a long long way Uba.
Hard to believe you`re the same dog that was lifted out of that kennel.
You looked so tiny,scared and unsure.
It`s heartwarming to read about the life you have now.
You`ve finally got what you deserve.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the first year of really living your life. All dogs should be so lucky as you to have a family that loves and cares for them. Wishing you many mores years of love, happiness, and of course, relaxation!

You and all dogs deserve it!

Millie said...


Uba said...

Thanks for all the nice thoughts, but ummmmmm, Millie, I'm a BOY! Can't you tell from my big muscles? Lots of people think I'm a girl, probably because I have a special name and also because I'm on the smaller side for a pit bull. I'm glad I'm small, I can jump way higher than my big sis, Lulu, and I hardly ever get tired. I always have energy to keep my people busy.

Anonymous said...

Darling Uba - You are just beautiful, and I can SEE the relaxation in your reflective, calm face. : )
Love from Miss AriMarie the PitMix in Seaside, Ca.

Boris said...

Uba Man!

You are one BBS (beautiful-buff-SOB) who deserves to celebrate every day that made up this past year. Ain't forever homies great.

Relax for sure! No wonder people had you confused as around spooky-stuff you used to act like a 'girl'. You needed "lay-back lessons".

As I was born in Cal area, let me help you with the lingo. You got to comprehend all those versions.

See you got the one those Buzzarklie trainiers like T & L use:
(Reel-`Axe) = Yo' cut-it-out; Similar to "Eee-Nufff"; You're noticed so wind down or we'll cut-it-off NOW.
"Uba bring back that ball and Real-`Axe ..."

Then you have that Tan-Ford line my OEL uses when its time to rest after I've done good or when storms make my kennel mate Sheena pant:
(Reel'-Lack) = Chill-out; Get-over-it; Wind down, or you'll miss the best part.
"Uba you did so good not being scared of that ol'man, you've learned to Reel'-Lack ..."

It comes with security, which breeds self-confidence. Takes a while to get over abuse, and so foriegn to your "Vick-Life". Your-People care about you boy.

Yep, you've become a REAL-ACTS,

Linda said...

You go UBA! You hit the jackpot with your people. Relax and enjoy the sunshine. You deserve it.

abbyjessie said...

your dog is so cute!it is the cutest dog i have ever seen