Friday, October 17, 2008

An Old Friend

Recently, I have been in contact with an old friend, Jhumpa Jones. She came from the same yard as the rest of us, but stayed on the East Coast after being released from custody.

I am very glad you could join us. Here's to the future Jhumpa Jones, it's all blue sky from here.



Uba said...

Welcome Jhumpa! We were neighbors when we were in custody. You were called number 31 and I was 32! Its nice to see you rolling around on grass and enjoying the sunshine.

jhumpa jones said...

Hey, Uba! Thanks so much for the great welcome! I am so happy to be here and be back in touch with all of you!!

Fan said...

Hey Jhumpa,
Love your name.
Tell us more about yourself.
I think? I remember seeing a video about you a long time ago...possibly in a foster home.
I gotta tell you two.It`s so sad to hear you talk about yourselves as just numbers.
Glad those days are over.