Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Halloween

I went to my first costume party this past Saturday. It was Great ! The nice folks at Oakland Animal Services did a fantastic job putting on this event. Everyone really liked the cool costume Aunt Roxanne made for me. It was a hit, but not as big as HonkyTonk from BADRAP and his chair jumping tricks, or the great show Paco from Paco Collars put on. Those guys are pros.

If you are ever in the Oakland area, please stop in and say "Hi" to all the nice folks, and visit all the great critters waiting for a home. Tell them Jonny sent you. Better yet, don't just say "Hi ", take one home !

Wishing everyone a fun, safe, and tail wagging Halloween !


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Learning to Relax

This time last year was the beginning of my life as a free dog. Tim had come and lifted me down from my kennel and we had all loaded up into the big RV for the long journey to California. When Tim asked me to leave the kennel, I was kind of nervous because I had lived in that one small place for so long without leaving. I was excited, too, because I knew he was really nice from when I met him when he came to see me and Hector and Jhumpa and our other friends in September. Today a year ago, I was learning about the outside again and running around on a long line with Nicole and Steve.

This year has been really busy and I have learned lots of new things. I have seen my picture in newspapers and magazines and on the computer. I have even become a Canine Good Citizen and got my very own family with a beautiful big sister to hang out with and two cats to jump over.

To celebrate my one year anniversary as a free dog I am learning something new. I am learning how to relax. My people have been telling me to relax for a long time, usually when I am being really really bouncy and re-organizing the furniture by throwing myself at it, but now I am learning what "relax" really means. We have taken a little time off from training classes and we have been going for long walks and playing "keep the ball away from the people" a lot. I am definitely enjoying this laid back life. I like relaxing, so long as there is lots of fun stuff to do.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Life is better with a little Jhumpa in it!!

Hi, all! I'm Jhumpa...

Because I don't have fingers, my person is helping me type this. Cool, huh? I mean, how many pit bulls have a person who will help them type? I guess that's a great way to introduce my situation: I'm just like Jonny Justice, Uba, Hector, Teddles, and the rest of my "family" - I've found an amazing place to live (in New York state) and sometimes I still can't believe it. One day, about a month after I came to live here, my person started crying and said that she was crying because she saw me "smile" for the first time. I still don't know what the heck she was crying about, especially since I was so happy. Humans never cease to confuse me...

Anyway, since I came to live with my new family (eight months ago), every day has been a new adventure. My person and I go to school every week and I have already graduated from basic agility and basic obedience. That agility thing is so cool - Did you know that we're allowed to jump on tables when we're doing agility? And that I can even get a hot dog for just "sitting" in obedience!? What a great gig! And as if this isn't cool enough, at home I get to live with a whole bunch of other animals! I have three big brothers (a pit bull, a lab and a westie), and a big sister (bull terrier/pitty mix). I also have five cats. One of my cats, Clarence, is really cross-eyed and it is really fun to play with him because he can't really tell where I am when I'm jumping all around. The other day when we were tearing up the house, Clarence smacked me in the face and now I have a funny mark on my nose. It didn't really hurt but my person made a funny face when she looked at it and said something about "wolverine". Maybe she will post a picture so you can decide for yourself...
Everyone who meets me says I'm really cute and most people think I'm still a puppy (even though I'm all grown up). Lots of people want to pet and hug and squeeze me but I am still a little worried about being squeezed by strangers. But wouldn't you be? I mean, seriously!!
Anyway, I better get to bed. I have to get up early to be sure that my person gets her daily walk, otherwise she can get out of control. And noone wants that :)
Thanks for having me! I will be sure to be in touch soon!!!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

An Old Friend

Recently, I have been in contact with an old friend, Jhumpa Jones. She came from the same yard as the rest of us, but stayed on the East Coast after being released from custody.

I am very glad you could join us. Here's to the future Jhumpa Jones, it's all blue sky from here.


I'm going to the Doctor!

I love going to the doctor. There's lots going on, everybody is busy just like me, people are friendly, and so far, I haven't been poked or prodded too terribly much. But this next doctor visit is a big one. I overheard people talking about my knees. Yeah, they hurt sometimes. I have grade three luxating patellas, but you wouldn't know it by looking at me. But, I'm not allowed to jump in and out of the truck, run like a maniac, leap for a flirt pole or stuffy toy, throw myself down the stairs (I'm always in a hurry you know). But, maybe, just maybe, this doctor can help me.

If he can, I promise to get serious about my obedience training and who knows, maybe I can run through that pink tunnel more. My housemate was an agility competitor, took a high in standard at the CPE Agility Nationals back in 2006 (I think that was before I was even born) and I really want to be just like her when I grow up.

S0 wish me luck. My appointment is November 11 and I just can't wait!