Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Napa Valley in Spring

Today we went on a short drive to the Napa Valley. She wanted me to have the chance to walk in the vineyards and to see bud break. I didn’t really care about all that, but the air smelled sweet so I closed my eyes and I drank it all in.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Passed Again!

So a little while ago, M-Guy and M-Gal took me out one night. We came to a place called a nursing home and he told me that I had to be a good boy so I could pass my Therapy Dog test. What's with all these tests that I have to pass? Isn't it obvious by now that I'm a good boy? Sheeeesh! I guess all dogs have to pass this one though if they want to go visit people in nursing homes and hospitals. That sounds like it would lead to some fun adventures and more places for me to check out, so I guess I'm down with that.

It was a lot like that Doggie Good Something-or-other test, or whatever it was called. M-Guy and these other folks threw me some curve balls on this one though. There were treats I had to walk past without eating, a bunch of ladies yelling, screaming and acting crazy, and the kitchen was at the end of the hall with people pushing carts in and out banging pots and pans together. To top it off, one time we had to walk the other way down the hall while the crazy ladies ran past us, all rowdy like, with a corgi riding in a chair with wheels! The only thing I want to know is how did the corgi get that gig? I want that job next time! It looked a lot more fun than having to walk nicely next to M-Guy through the whole thing.

Anyway, I passed another test again, so I can become a Therapy Dog now. Everybody there kept saying how good I was, and how handsome I am. DUH! What else did they expect from the Handsome Hector? That place was pretty fun, so hopefully I get to go back soon to visit the folks staying there. Hey M-Guy! I didn't help you and M-Gal out around the house that much before this test like I did last time, but don't worry.....I made up for it. I cleared off M-Gal's night stand, and cleaned the kitchen counters for ya. No need to thank me! Just an FYI.

H - Oh....and by the way, I made the Rochester paper again also! Check it out

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I got a brother!

I’m not sure how they knew, but the people here got me just what I have been wishing for…a new dog! And it wasn't even my birthday! I love him. His name is Benny. We are best buddies.

I know I said before that I take time to warm up to new things, but I knew I liked Benny from the moment I saw him. They crated him across the room from me and I whined on and off for two days until they moved him right next to me...hey those tiny, little people who visit are right...whinning does work!

When he first got here they were calling him "compassion case" and now they are calling him "foster dog"...I don't know what any of those words mean, but it must be sorta like "big dork" or somethin' if Benny is one. Anyway, we have the best time together and his busted pelvis doesn't slow him down at all...(don't worry it's an old injury and it doesn't hurt him anymore) just makes him walk a little funny.

I also wanted to tell all my buddies who have gotten their CGC...CONGRATULATIONS! I am so proud of you guys...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Uba the Lady's Man

I have been busy recently collecting lots of girl friends.

My first love will always be Lulu. She is a great big sister and she's taught me all about how to be a normal dog. Lulu is the very best and she is really patient and kind to me even when I get the zoomies and crash into her. She's a good pillow, too.

I've made some new lady friends lately and it has been lots of fun. First Sidney came to stay with us. She is tall and beautiful and I know she thinks I'm really great even if she told me I'm annoying. I hope she comes back to stay again soon.

Next we got a new neighbor.
Her name is SweetPea and she is really sweet and calm. I am teaching her to be wild and crazy and to play like a maniac. She's learning but she needs more lessons. Woo Hoo! I'm the best teacher!

Then Lolo came to stay. I LOVE Lolo, she is just like me! She loves to play and be fun. One day she went to the vet and they did some crazy things to fix her ouchy legs, including shaving her butt. Now I can't play with her for WEEKS. She says she is all better, but my people say she needs more time to heal. I'm trying to be patient, but I can't wait to play with her again. I hope when she goes to her forever home I can still play with her lots.

I've also been spending more time with my sister, Zippy. Everyone says we are too cute together. We are almost identical twins and we understand each other and see things the same way. She is pretty cool for a sister.

Its really great having all these pretty girls in my life! I am one lucky dog.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Funnies

Sunday, March 1, 2009

CGC for me....too.

Hi Everybody..It's me Grace. Yesterday my foster dad woke me up early like usual and took me for my walk, but then we got into the car, and left for doggie school. Wait, don't Jonny and me get to play after walking ??? That was kind of weird. It wasn't like a normal day at school too, it was way eariler.

When we got there , I went to a table with my foster dad, where he scratched a stick on a paper, and then we waited around. Ok, this is weird. Where are the treats, where are all orange thingys we walk around ? Hmmm. Then I heard our names being called. We wend over to a nice lady who took our paper and scratched it with a stick some more. Then she shook my foster dad's hand, brushed me, looked in my ears, at my teeth, and shook all my paws. Ok. This is good and all, but don't I get a cookie ? So we walked around a little bit, did some fancy turns, met another dog, had to sit, lay down and sit again before wearing a really long, and I mean really long, leash. Then I sat still while foster dad walked back and forth, then called me to him. Then my foster dad left me with this nice lady, and went away. I guess he had to go potty. He came back, and the nice lady scratched the paper some more.

Then...OMG...a huge party !!!! My foster dad was so happy, I got a huge helping of cookies, a toy, and lots of people saying nice things to me. They all said I just didn't pass, I breezed through the test. Wait..what test ??? You mean we just took a test and I passed. Does this mean I get steak tonight like Jonny and Hector did ? WOOOO HOOOOO. I love tests.

So now I am a CGC. Foster dad says it stands for Cute, Good, and Cuddly.

Hey, that's just like me.