Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday...A Day of Rest

Well, actually, naps are good any ol' day of the week, not just on a Sunday... and even better when curled up with a favorite friend or family member.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Frends make it all gud

Dis pic is me wen I wus fraid of dat leetle shiney box wit one eye starrin at me. WOH! SCARY!

Da best part of califernia is dat all dem dawgs are nice too me an helps me haf fun. Wen Iz wit my frends I not scared no more of dat box. My peeps tell me pawsitive speriences makes me grow up strong. Lookit me buddies here. Dez reel nice to me.

Dis one dawg in da house namez Lola acts like Iz inbizable. Butt ONE day jus da udder day, she likez me! Da man snuk in and sawz us playin an laffs an got dis muvie. I had to try reel hard to do da rite thing so Lola wuld think I'z ok. Mmmm. Shez so pritty an ROLY POLY!

Muvie: My frend Lola

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Copy Cat

Since the Wonderful People came and broke me out of that yucky jail cell, I have experienced lots of new things.  

All the new things are really great but it gets kind of overwhelming at times.  There is just so much to see and hear that sometimes I get all mixed up and scared and my body gets stuck. My people help me a lot and remind me that I should look at them instead of trying to see everything, but my biggest help of all is my big sister, Lulu. When I'm not sure what to do I look at her, and she makes me feel much better.  

Lulu is very clever and knows lots of things and never seems scared.  My people tell me she is a Canine Good Citizen, and that they hope I will be one someday, too. I'm going to study very hard because once I’m a Canine Good Citizen, I will be smart and brave, just like Lulu.

I love to copy Lulu, because everything she does is the best. She has shown me lots of things like how to lie on the couch with style, 

how to chew toys, 

and how to sunbathe.

If I keep copying her, I know I will be brave one day.

Thank you, Lulu, for being the best big sister any little dog could ever want.

Did You Say Ball ???

I Learned to play this new game.

Its called fetch.

Although, I'm not really sure what a fetch quite is.

But, I sure do like to Play.

Play Play Play.

I sure do like to play.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another Road Trip!

Only this time we weren’t on the road for nearly as long as that time when we headed out west from Virginia. This road trip was much shorter. My foster mom told me that she was taking me on my very first family vacation. Hmmm…”vacation”…what does that mean?

So, mom loaded up the car and piled us all in, and we drove to a really fun place in the mountains of Northern California. Personally, I like road trips, but I found out that big sister Maxine does not like long car rides nearly as much as me. She spends most of the time squishing herself into some remote corner of the car, doing her best impression of an ostrich, and/or plopping herself on top of the grocery bags, reducing the potato chips and loaf of bread to mere crumbs. If you ask me, I think she’s being kinda silly.

So, as it turns out, “vacation” is one of my very favorite new vocabulary words! Woof!

Just like my buddy Uba said, it is soooooo much fun to play and bounce and wrestle in the snow…

And after all of that excitement, it is very important to find a perfect place to take a nap…

I think I need to ask mom to take me on another vacation very soon!


I dint know how to swim yet, but my peeps trew me in dis big box of wader called a baff an den covered me wit bubbles. It wus warm an nice an the man tawked nice to me but - GEEZ! - Iz glad itz over.

I hope I dunt hafta do dat agin! Herz da movie: Baff Time!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy dogs come from California

Lemme tell ya. This California livin' is really all people say it is.

After I got settled in -- I hear people calling it my "foster home," whatever the heck that is -- these cool people started taking me out for a jog just about every morning. In fact, Nice Mister said I was doing so good that he brought Lucy, their ornery dog, on the run with us. That was fun!

I really love our jogs. I've found my favorite places to *ahem* relieve myself, and Nice Mister and Nice Lady have finally learned to get out of the way so I can FLING dirt as far as I can afterward. They think I'm marking, but I'm really trying to get that dirt across the street! I've almost perfected it, too. Just . . . one . . . more . . . FLING!!

Nice Lady brings me to a big building every week where there were a LOT of other dogs, and we would heel and sit, heel and lie down, and circle around heeling. These people sure do like to play the heel game. Eh, it makes Nice Lady happy, so I do it. Plus, every once in a while, she surprises me with treats. Now, I've trimmed down a bit since living in California, but I can never say no to those treats! Where DOES she get those things from?!

And, I have to tell you -- remember that Nice Kid? The one who came up with my name? Dog love him because when he and Nice Lady are going out, he wants me to come, too, and man oh MAN is it fun.

Yup. Stoked. I could really get used to this California place.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

cold day,warm bed

Life has been pretty busy lately, a whole lot different from where I was 6 months ago. I was locked in a kennel with hard, cold floors and no friends to play with. I had nothing to do but sit there. Those were very hard times. These days are different now. I go on walks, I go to dog school where I see all my buddies, have wounderful people, chew toys, and have even gone off to far away big cities, to be on something called T.V. All this excitement and running around has been great ! But the best thing it has given me, is the ability to be grateful.

Tonite , I am grateful for a close friend and a warm bed. I hope one day, all the doggies in this world, can snuggle with someone they like, and not live in cages with cold, hard floors. I hope more good people can open thier hearts and homes, for dogs that are still without freedom.

This would be my biggest wish come true.


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Busy Bee

Hi! Hi! I’m Grace. Hi!

Ooooo isn’t this fun. Everything is new and well, fun. I have a red ball that I love to play with and I love to watch the birds and butterflies and I love my red ball and my housemate Dutch and tennis balls and I love my red ball and, oops! I’m repeating myself. Heehee! Oooo this is fun!

I am happy to be in a cozy home and I love walks and chew toys and soft beds and treats and my red ball and Dutch and, oops! Heehee!

Wow! Isn't the world a big, beautiful place filled with so much to see, do, eat, smell, hear, it keeps my brain so busy, busy. Sometimes, they call me a busy bee at my house, but I have a lot of experiences to catch up on and oooooo it's so much fun!

Ummm, I don’t talk about before ‘cause, well, it sucked. So that’s all I’m gonna say about that. Ppppbbbbbbllllllttttt! (raspberry sound…Heehee!)

Where’s Dutch and my red ball, and my treats, and, and, and

Friday, March 7, 2008

Fabulous Me

Ok, so I’m Dutch, and you are….oh right… fans. Great! I love fans.

Allow me to bring you up to speed about one of my favorite subjects, My Life.

I was on a chain in the woods and one day people in uniforms came to remove me from the chain and I was thrilled. Oh thank god, I’m so glad you’re here…you see baby I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Apparently, there was a miscommunication. Somehow, I ended up in jail….excuuuuse me, I don’t know what you’ve been told, but I am not the criminal here. In fact, I’d like to press charges.

Unfortunately, it seemed no one was listening…really people don’t I get a phone call or something….

I was housed in a top tier kennel, so I decided to express my displeasure at the situation by peeing out of my kennel on staff members as they passed by (being a boy is cool!)…perhaps not the most diplomatic course of action I realize, but you gotta admit pretty freakin’ funny. When my chaueffers finally arrived, months overdue if you ask me, I overheard one of them say “this dog’s a rockstar.”

Finally, people who recognize the…true…fabulous…me!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bouncing for Joy!

My name is Uba, which I picked out myself, but sometimes my mom tells me I should be called "tigger" since tiggers like to bounce. She also calls me a "pit-bull-on-a-pogo-stick" and a "kangaroo-bull". Those must be good things because I think they have something to do with bouncing!

Now I am a free dog, I like to bounce and pounce and leap around. When I am happy and there are no big scary noises around and I feel safe I make my people laugh by bouncing. Here I am bouncing in the snow when we went on a big adventure to a cold place and I got to wear my sweaters.


Now I have people who are nice to me and friends to play with and yummy food in my tummy and hugs and toys and a warm soft bed and a house I am so happy! I think the best way to show happy is to bounce a lot. If my cat-friends Angus and William are nearby, I leap right over them. They act a little annoyed, but I think they like my bouncing, really.

My people take me outside when I get really bouncy so I don't break things or crash into my big sis, Lulu. Woo Hoo! Outside means I can play with tennis balls, the best toys ever. They bounce just like me! My people throw tennis balls for me and I can run and bounce and leap after them! Sometimes they make the ball bounce really high, and then I get to bounce even more than normal! This is a video of me bouncing with my wubba.

All that bouncing makes me hot!


Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So, my name's Teddles.

That's me over there -- the upside down one. The other dogs are my foster sisters -- Isabelle, the black and white one, and Lucy, the one by the wall. That Lucy is small, but man, she's bitchy!

People ask me where I got my name from. Well, after a few days at my foster home, Nice Lady and Nice Mister were tossing around a few names. Nice Lady said she wanted something that sounded strong (well, heh, of course), but simple (uh, what?).

Uh. Where was I. Oh, my name.

So, they would look at me, turn their heads to one side and call out names.
John? Frank? Wally?


Then, I hear this little insistent voice say, "Actually, mom, it's TEDDLES." And every time someone said, "Ted," this little person would correct them, "Actually, it's TEDDLES."

And there my name was born. Adults call me Ted or Ted-Baby. And the little one switches between Ted-Baby, Teddles, and Teddles-Baby.

At first, I found it a little embarassing. But now I kind of like it. I mean, hey, the little one hangs out with me and helps Nice Lady feed me and the other dogs. I can humor the kid.

Besides, after people meet me, they usually walk away smiling when they learn that I got my name from a 2-year old.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Me Frodo.

So, hey. Iz Frodo here.
My peeps tellz me that Iz their Sped Baby. Wassa Sped Baby? .... I guesses being in dat dark cage me whole kidhood wit no gettinz outside wernt no good for my developmentability, or sumthin ....I s'pose I DO feel a weedle mixed up sumtimes. But Iz thought dat wuz normal. Do you gotz any cookies? Ack! - Wait!....Wassat big noize? ....Hey, hurry up and hugz me - I wuv it....WHOA! Not'chu - I dunt even knoz you!

Mez big time hero iz Mizter Hector....Heso BRAVE! An'me bestest buddy in da whole wurld be Uba. He getz me. I wernt too into school until I figgers out dat Uba goes der too - YESH!....Now iz like one o me favert places to go.

ME LIKES: Cuddlin' wit da peeps is WAY good (Like in dat pitchure up der. Dats me der gettin'da luv. Yum.)....Dems big peeps eyes is so nice to stares into und theyz smiliz wen I looka dem....Food is, like, crazy happy GUD. And dawgs. Me luvs da dawgs. Theyz make me feelz so fluttery dat I can't stop me feets frum dancin.'
ME NO LIKES: Loud BOOM noizez....And peeps who gotz tall ladders growin' out der heads - YO Scary! And waitin' too long fer dinner....HURRY!

My peeps tellz me dat Iz doin' reel gud but that Iz always gunna be FUNY. Datz gud, huh?....I wantz to make me peeps laff. I hope I find me gud home sumday. Me peeps sed dat cuz Iz funny, I needz a home dats as spechul as I iz....Ain't they nice to call me spechul?

Luv, Frodo

I like life.

I like this new life.
I like being.
I like being a Dog.

I woke up today, and it was sunny.

Then I went to play with my buddy Uba. We had so much fun. We got to run off leash until we couldn't run anymore. I like Uba lots. He is full of life.

After that, I went for a walk with my buddy Melvin. Our people call us funny names. Big Enos and Little Enos. I dont get it. But we had fun on our walk. Uba and Big sis Lily came too. And people were nice today. Lots of nice people stopped to pet me. I like petting. .

I got sleepy, and came back home to rest in the grass. Sun is good.

I think I'll spend the rest of my day napping on the patio. Did I mention sun is good ??

Thank you to all the people who supported us in our time of need. All of us dogs will be forever grateful of your deeds. Thank you for life.

Life is Good.


Beware of Rubber Duckies

Ditto on everything you said about the dreaded bath Hector! I don't like them much either. And I'm starting to figure out that whenever I see a rubber duckie, it means a bath is in my future. So, in my mind, rubber duckies = bathtime. And baths = no fun. Therefore, rubber duckies = bad news. Hey, you do the math to see if you come up with the same answer as me... The ONLY good thing about a bath is getting to do matrix-like zoomies afterwards...a dog has got to dry himself off after all!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Beauty has its price

Today started out as a good day - I went to Pit Ed class and got to meet a nice camera guy (I dig camera guys) who wanted to take pictures of me and talk to the Nice Lady who I live with. This was fun until I got bored and saw a soft foam-looking thing on the camera that looked like a fun thing to chew on, so while they were talking away I decided to jump up and grab it.

I guess that screwed up the sound because it was the microphone. Whoops. I don't know why they make expensive audio equipment that looks like a dog toy, but I guess dogs don't design these things.

Anyway, after the interview I finished class and went to lunch with other cool dogs - Millie, Lola, Muggy and Ted Baby (who by the way is embarrassed by his name and wants to be called something manlier like Thor. I know, but I promised I'd let everyone know).

Anyway, I thought this was the best day ever until we got home and Nice Lady told me it was time for a Day of Beauty. This sounded really fun until I realized that she meant a BATH!

I hate baths! Can you tell how much I hate them? Nice Lady tried to make it better with a rubber duck, but I wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of enjoying anything about this horrible experience.

OK, I do actually like to grab the towel when she dries me off, but still. Baths suck! Although I got to go into my big kennel afterward with a peanut butter Kong (my favorite) and my bedding was all changed and new. I like the smell of dog butt and dead things as much as the next dog, but even I admit that my bedding was kind of smelly.

Anyway, that was my day. Hopefully this Day of Beauty thing only comes around once in awhile.