Friday, June 26, 2009

A Major Holiday

Today is a very important holiday for dogs. I initially thought it might be some Hallmark holiday, and that I’d get a card. Since I have no use for cards, I didn’t care all that much. That is, until the leash came out and we headed… work!

It is “Take Your Dog to Work Day” and that’s exactly what happened. They took me to the Winery and I met all the people who work in the cellar, I got to climb on ladders and even sit on a barrel. Instead of getting some card, I got a great adventure. All in all, a fun major holiday!

Monday, June 22, 2009

It Must Be Monday


Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Rehabbed and Passed Something Else

Well we all know I didn't need any rehabbing, but I did my first official therapy dog visit in a rehab unit of the Mayo Clinic to help their rehab experience be a good one. It was fun! I got to inspect a lot of new places, and a bunch of people made a big circle around me just to give me scratches. Sounds like I'm going to get to go back there, and I really like going places more now that it's not real cold any more. They even said Clara could bring my buddy Angus along since he's a Therapy dog, too! I hope he does, but we'll see though, cuz I'm pretty sure I like him more than he likes me.

It was cold last weekend though, and M-guy insisted that we had to go out and spend part of the day outside. I think he was a little off his rocker that day to be honest. He didn't even care that I was pulling all over the place on the leash! Besides being cold, it was so windy it was raining sideways sometimes. Seriously.....all I had to do was walk around and meet some more people. Couldn't we have done that inside? Some of them had cool things like a bucket that made cool noises and one had a big stick so they could test my temperament. My temperament passed.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Road Trip to see the Duckies

This weekend Jonny Justice and I went on a road trip.
 We went to a beautiful place that smells really good.

The next day, after breakfast and a short hike, we went to the River Ranch Lodge for the Truckee Duckee Derby.   We picked out a good spot where we could see the race.

Jonny and I were the Pets of Honor and a whole lot of people and dogs came to see us.  

After the little rubber duckies had their race, we met the big granddaddy duckee.  He was really big and yellow.

Then we went on stage and all the people clapped their hands and smiled.  I'm not sure why, we didn't do any of our amazing tricks or anything.  Then we autographed two of the magazines with our cousin Sweet Jasmine on the cover.  My paw print is the one at the top, and Jonny's is underneath.  Sorry, I got some ink on your face, Jasmine!

We met so many people who were so nice and we worked really hard to say hello to as many people as possible.  My people said we both did a really good job.  We were very very tired after it was all over.  

Thank you to all the nice people who invited us on our trip, Bill Jensen, The Humane Society of Truckee/Tahoe and all the really nice people who work  there, and Alvina and her nice lady German Shepherd at the Holiday House Hotel where we stayed.  

Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer School

Hey Everybody!
I got to go to a FUN school where we ran around in the grass and did all kinds of different stuff in front of cones and signs. My Lady says it's called Rally and it was Really Cool. My friends Uba and Audie came too, and a new girl I didn't know before called Ms. Kitty. Boy she was PRETTY! I hope we get to hang out again.
Here's me waiting my turn to start:

Then we went really fast around some cones. I LIKE weaving!!

But my FAVORITE was the loves & scratchies I got when I finished. I could barely stand still long enough to have my picture taken.

Hope you all get to enjoy the sunshine, too!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oops, I threw a temper tantrum

I guess I should be thrilled. I got to go to a food (that’s food for people, not me) and music festival on Sunday. They got hungry and decided to go to a restaurant that allowed me to sit outside at a table. But I got bored. True, they gave me some treats for being a good dog and settling under the table, but there came a time when I decided enough was enough. I wanted to go do something else.

She snapped this photo just moments before I threw a temper tantrum. I had a melt down. I threw myself on the ground and spun around and tried to get myself out of my harness and collar. It didn’t work. She’s much bigger than me and quietly took my wiggling self and harness and sat me up again. At the time it seemed the world should revolve around my cute face, but it didn’t work out that way. I woke up yesterday with a more positive outlook on my life though. I suppose they could have left me at home with the other dogs. I hope they let me try again. I promise, I’ll behave.