Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Am Thriving

I overhead her reading last week that PETA claims we former Michael Vick dogs are all dead, or if not dead, then homeless. Did PETA make this assumption just because I haven’t posted here in awhile? Well, here I am. I’m alive, happy, and busy. I’ve got more hobbies than most kids.

And I’m not homeless either. My life is full and my adoptive family adores me. I live in the house with them, I eat well, I go on lots of outings, I know all of my neighbors, I practice my stuff (I’m a performance dog in training), I play hard, and I get my much deserved beauty rest. This month marks the one year anniversary that my orthopedic surgeon gave me the go-ahead to start agility classes. I’m now quite competent on the teeter, I can make crazy entries into the poles, I jump with the grace of a pig-shaped gazelle, and I get happily sucked into agility tunnels.

When I’m not doing all that, I’m vacationing with my family and my buddy Aldo on the coast. I’m thriving and I’m happy. PETA, I’m most definitely not dead.

p.s. oh PETA, you are right about one thing though. I don’t get handouts from under the dinner table. I wish I did.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm a pamperd Pit!

Or at least dats what my mum calls me!  I've pretty much forgotten how scary my life used to be when me and some of my friends lived at dat "mean guys" place.  Now, I get to go for walks, play with my sister and brother, and even go on play-dates with other furry-friends. But bestest of all, I get to sleep under da covers with my mum!  Oh yeah, and dats when she calls me her "snuggle-bunny"!  Geeze, I always tawght I was just a plain ol' Pit Bull.  Who knew I would become all those other tings?!  A wee friend came to stay with me for a wittle bit,  so I tried calling her "my snuggle bunny".  Nope, Nope, snuggle-bunny she was not!  She always chased after me and tried to bite my butt!   So I named her "Dehlila da PiraƱa".  

But I do hope dat some day, she gets to be a pampered pit just like me! Even if she can be annoying.

~Love Frodo~

Monday, April 5, 2010

I Got a Jungle

I love my back yard, its nice and quiet and I can sit in the sun and sniff around to see what critters have passed through while I'm inside. Its also a great place to run around. When I start running around inside, my people say "Uba! Let's go OUTSIDE!" Then I run outside and run around the yard as fast as I can and they watch me and laugh.
Unfortunately, it has been raining a lot recently, which means that going outside and spending time in my yard hasn't been very nice. All the rain did something amazing, though. It made the yard into a jungle! Now I am the king of my very own jungle.
I guess the rain isn't so bad if it makes jungles.