Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vick reinstated.....hmmmm......

I've met Vick........Not impressed.

The End.

Hey M-Guy, let's go for a walk.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Did you Hear ??

Did you hear the BIG NEWS ?


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Party Boy

A few weeks ago I went with my people to a big party where all my friends were waiting to say hello to me. They kept saying things about fireworks, but I know the party was for us dogs. First I went on a little walk with Frodo. We saw some tall skinny creatures called deer.

When we got back from our walk I explored this huge field. My people said it was OK to go as far as I wanted and really inspect the whole place.

After I looked at everything and sniffed a lot, I ran around really fast to celebrate being a free dog.

My people tell me that other dogs like me who come from scary places will be able to spend time in this big wide open place and learn about being dogs. I think that sounds like a really good idea.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Naughty and Sweet

Somebody asked her the other day to summarize my personality. She couldn’t come up with anything and I sat there and rolled my eyes. Let me summarize. I’m naughty. That’s it. Just naughty. And sweet.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Can you believe it's been a year!

Hi, I'm back. I've been getting to know my forever family.
I'm enjoying my big backyard with lots of balls and tuggies.

Best of all my new home came with a built in playmate, my sister Izzi.
She's still trying to convince me that water is fun.

True love.
Napping together after a play.

I love Spa day!


Hey Everybody,

Today is an awesome day. It's the weekend, it's sunny, and my Man and Lady took me out to sniff things. But even better than all that's my first full day of being ADOPTED! Yesterday my Man and Lady said they had great news. They got my Final Paperwork. But it doesn't feel like work, it feels like Whooooppieeee!!! So here is me after they put away the contract-signing pens.

When we got home, I got some really nice treats, and last night my whole family snuggled on the bed. Hope you all get to snuggle with your favorite people too.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

K9 Karnival and "Pit Bull Pomeranians"

M-Gal took me to the Rochesterfest K9 Karnival last weekend. I had sooooooo much fun, and was my typical charming self of course. They had Daschund races, but I was much more content sitting at the Chesney's Choices homemade treat table demonstrating how yummy her treats are. I also made sure the booth always looked spotless by cleaning up all the crumbs left by the other dogs that were messier eaters. I'm such a good little worker dog. I guess the word is getting out about me cuz people heard and knew that I was there before I even met them.
In between my duties at the treat table, M-Gal let me make the rounds to meet new people and make some new doggie friends. There were 2 little foofy pomeranians that we came across. Their person said that the one might snark at me, but I'm the Hector Man! All the ladies love me! Well......all but this little pomeranian I guess. I just couldn't get her to like me. What's the deal with that?!? She kept trying to tell me off, but I just stood there wondering what the big deal was, and what it was in this perfect package that she was finding fault in. Their person said that they were Pit Bulls in little fluffy bodies. M-Gal said - "Well my dog IS a Pit Bull, and he's not acting like that." Ha Ha....good one M-Gal!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Nursemaid for a day.

One morning mom got up very early and took my new sister to have something done called "being spayed".  I don't know what dat is but when my sister came back, she was verrry sleepy and wouldn't play with me. 

So, to make her feel better I started cleaning her.  Sister likes when I do dat.

All of a sudden she woke up and started cleaning me! 

"Hey, wait!  Sis, I'm da one taking care of you remember?!  Now be still, so I can clean you!"

 OK, what's wrong with dis picture?!  Your not..... (Whats dat big word?),                         CO-WOPPERATING!

Geez! Being a nursemaid is hard work!

"Sigh" Sister's!  You can't live with dem and their too much fun to live without! 

~Love Frodo~