Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Missing stuff.

Sorry I havn't posted in a while, I've been busy taking care of my big sis Lily. When I first came here, she taught me lots of stuff and showed me they way around. A little while ago, she had to go to the vet and have her leg fixed. I have been doing my best to help her feel better.

I miss playing with her. She always whoops my butt. But hey, I admit, I can be a brat sometimes. I'd whoop my butt too, if I were her.

I miss going on walks with her. She is fun, and a bit crazy too. Sometimes she jumps in the lake and then tries to get me to go in too. No way sis, the water is way too deep for my short legs. I'd sink like a stone if I went in.

I miss laying in the morning sun with her. She almost always gets the good spot, mostly cause I eat breakfast too slow and she gets there first. But sometimes she lets me share the good spot with her. I really like when she does that.

I was so happy when she started feeling better and I finally got to lay in the sun with her again. The vet fixed her up all better. Maybe this vet guy isn't too bad after all. I think it may be sometime before we can play again, but I'm just happy to have my big sis back.

I missed her.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sliding Glass Doors - Friend or Foe

Hmmm.....ya, not much thinking needed on this one. DEFINITE FOE!!! I mean seriously......what kind of crazy person thought this one up?!? Saturday we're over at M-Guy's friends' house and I get to play with their female Pit and big male Rottie. It was a pretty sweet set up. There was a big opening in the family room to lead out onto the deck, which then went down to the yard with stairs you barely had to use if you didn't want to. Of course I chose not to. We got to play chase a bunch of times and could bring toys and stuff in and out of the house. I got the other two dogs riled up and into a good wrestling match, and of course being the good dog that I am thought we should take this rough housing outside to appease the humans. I spring free from the other two to have them chase me outside when WHAM!!! This invisible force later described as the "sliding glass door" was put in place so the humans could turn on the "air conditioning". This sliding glass door thing is just wrong. I'm all for running into things, walls included, but there's a technique to it. Full speed, face first because you can't see it coming is not it. The only thing I haven't figure out is who is more insane - the person who invented this messed up object or the people crazy enough to buy them and put them in their houses.


Friday, September 5, 2008

My Friends

Its been a while since I became a free dog and started making friends. I am kind of a shy guy, but once I know someone, and I decide they can be trusted, I give them a big hug and then we are friends forever. All the people I know get hugs when I see them.

I've made some really great friends so far, but two of my special friends are Rachel and Aaron. They both helped me learn to be a better boy and I'm really happy to know them.
After I had been with my family for a little while I met the nicest person called Rachel. She would come and visit me and Lulu while our people were out during the day. I LOVE Rachel, she is so nice and understanding. She has gone away to a place called London in England, wherever that is, to go to graduate school. My mom says I can't go and visit her there because dogs like me are illegal in England. I gave her a big hug goodbye before she left so she can remember what England is missing out on.

I made another new friend recently, too. His name is Aaron and he is my dad's nephew. I am kind of scared of the people who are called "teenagers". They are often kind of loud and they roam around in packs, so I just don't know about them. I thought Aaron was pretty scary when I first met him, since he is a teenager. Lulu said he was very nice, though, so I watched him closely for a few days and kept my distance. After a while I realized that he was a lot like me and we made friends. We gave each other a big hug to celebrate.

I can't wait to make more friends like Rachel and Aaron!

Uba, CGC