Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Missing stuff.

Sorry I havn't posted in a while, I've been busy taking care of my big sis Lily. When I first came here, she taught me lots of stuff and showed me they way around. A little while ago, she had to go to the vet and have her leg fixed. I have been doing my best to help her feel better.

I miss playing with her. She always whoops my butt. But hey, I admit, I can be a brat sometimes. I'd whoop my butt too, if I were her.

I miss going on walks with her. She is fun, and a bit crazy too. Sometimes she jumps in the lake and then tries to get me to go in too. No way sis, the water is way too deep for my short legs. I'd sink like a stone if I went in.

I miss laying in the morning sun with her. She almost always gets the good spot, mostly cause I eat breakfast too slow and she gets there first. But sometimes she lets me share the good spot with her. I really like when she does that.

I was so happy when she started feeling better and I finally got to lay in the sun with her again. The vet fixed her up all better. Maybe this vet guy isn't too bad after all. I think it may be sometime before we can play again, but I'm just happy to have my big sis back.

I missed her.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jonny,

I'm so happy Lily is feeling better. I can imagine how much you missed playing with her. I can tell how much you guys love each other when I watch your video. Take care of your big sis and we hope to here from you soon!


Anonymous said...

That video is one of the sweetest things I have seen in a long time, thanks for sharing!!!