Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Moving Day

April 25th is a big day in my life.

Last year, on April 25th, 2007, people came and put stuff in boxes and took me and all the dogs I knew off our chains and out of the dark and lonely woods. After that I spent a long time in custody, which was really scary and boring.

This year, right before April 25th, my people started putting stuff in boxes. I got really worried and stayed in my crate wondering if this meant the people would come and take me and Lulu away and put me in custody again. Then, on April 25th, my mom took me and Lulu for a car ride to a house in a quiet neighborhood where we had gone before to meet a "fan" that my people called "the Landlord".
Here we are watching some of the boxes during our car ride.

Soon a whole bunch of men showed up with all the boxes from our apartment. Lulu did a lot of talking to the men because she wanted to make sure everything went in the right place (she got in trouble for being too bossy and had to have a time out). My people told me that we had "moved" and this was our new house. I like this place a lot, there's lots of space and an interesting back yard just for me and Lulu, that we don't have to share with neighbors. There is also a special room called the "garage" just for my treadmill!

This April 25th was a lot better than last year.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Outside is one of my favorite words.
It can mean outside in the backyard. I like the backyard.

It can mean a walk in the park. I also like the park. When I go to places outside, I try and say hello to everyone I see. Hey, Mister Gopher, How's it going down there in your little cave ?

Whenever I hear the word " outside ", It puts a smile on my face.



Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Going to law school

Yup. You read it right. I got into law school.

Yesterday, my Nice Lady took me for a long car ride up to a place called Sacramento. She had to do a presentation for BAD RAP to a group of law students. We walked around campus for a while so I could pee on a bunch of stuff but she wouldn't let me FLING my masterful flings on the freshly manicured grass -- my favorite kind! Where's the justice in that?!

I was going to introduce myself to the Admissions people, but Nice Lady said she didn't think I was actually allowed to be in the administration buildings. Well, THAT's a silly rule -- how in the heck am I supposed to do well in school if I can't go into the building??

Anyway, the students in the classroom ooh-ed and ahh-ed over me and I soaked it all up. I mean, who would turn down adoration and love? And, who can blame them? I AM pretty darn cute, after all.

It was fun, but exhausting. I hope they didn't notice me dozing off in class -- how embarassing!
Thanks so much to the Animal Law Society!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Camera Time

My friends and I have paparazzi and fans!

Photographers, camera crews, reporters and fans come to our pit bull school to see us, take our pictures, and talk to our people. I'm not the most famous dog in the world, but I guess I may be more famous than other dogs. Camera people come to our house and to our classes and ask me to pose and look handsome. I sit and get treats and next thing you know, my picture is on the internet and in the newspaper! Since my picture was on the internet next to Britney Spears, I guess I have paparazzi.

Sometimes there are people at school who I have never even met who know my name and who get really excited to see me. Even though they are really nice, they make me a little nervous because I'm kind of shy with new people. I try really hard to be brave and say hi, because it is so nice that so many people know me. Dutch says those are "fans".

The first time I had paparazzi was back when I was in custody and people from a paper called the New York Post came. I was pretty worried about the camera, but curious, too. This is me, in my kennel, wondering what the camera was. I was called "number 32" then.

I'm so glad BAD RAP and so many wonderful people worked so hard to get me and my friends out of jail. It is really great to have a free life and have fans and paparazzi. When I meet them I can show my people that I am getting more and more brave.


Now I know about cameras, I don't mind posing for pictures at all. See how good I am at pouting?

hugs, Uba