Monday, January 17, 2011

Making Art

I have been working really hard recently developing a new talent. We got some art with pictures of my friends Jonny, Grace and Hector, so I was inspired to try making art too. My first few attempts got me in trouble. Apparently its not OK to make art out of the cats' litter box. Recently I think I have fine tuned my skills and selected more appropriate media.

This one I call "The New Floor". It is mud on soft wood.
I call this one "I Love My Mom". I created it using teeth on a found object.
If I keep working maybe my art will be on display at the next Tuff Love exhibit!


Friday, January 7, 2011

A Happy New Year from Zippy!

Today my foster mom was watching TV when she heard that Vick was being considered as an MVP for the NFL. Boy, did this make my momma's blood boil but she took a deep breath as she looked at me and smiled. I'm not sure what that all means but I know that I am happy now, much more than I ever thought I could be. I have these kids who run circles around me but I give them a run for their money too. You should see the oldest one when she feeds me, she's 11. Sometimes I get so excited I run out of my crate and bounce up and down while she is trying to feed me. A few times I've accidentally bumped the bowl and boom, there goes all my food on the floor just how I like to eat it :). Want to hear something funny? The 2 year-old has started to take a very persistent stand in wanting to help feed me too and boy is he determined. Yep, food goes flying everywhere whenever he is involved too. Cracks me up because he reminds me of me! The 11 year old likes to pick me up when I have selective hearing especially during these cold, foggy days. Some days I make her go outside and down the stairs with me, I mean if I have to be miserable out in the cold I shouldn't have to be alone right? It's funny because sometimes I catch my foster mom secretly smiling when the oldest girl gets frustrated with me, the kid tries to use her firm voice but I do have a hard time taking her serious until about the 4th or 5th time. Mom laughs because she says that she enjoys watching this interaction, she says that how I act is how the kid acts, except of course I don't talk back but I can be pretty good with my selective hearing. Although when mom talks in her firm voice I know she means business so I don't even try it with her. I mean I like to have my fun but a dog has to draw the line at times. All in all life is pretty good and I am looking forward to 2011, this has got to be my year people :).