Saturday, February 28, 2009

A CItizen of Canine Goodness

I am a Canine Good Citizen. Just check out my collar...

I have learned a real lot over the last year when I've lived in this old house with my person and my pack. The people who brought me here to this place said I was real scared when I got here and that mostly I crawled on my belly and didn't want to look at people too much. But I don't really remember that cause now I love to be a good girl and make people laugh and sometimes jhump (that's how I spell it but my person says it's supposed to be spelled "jump") on them to see if they have a cookie for me. Me and my person have been doing this thing called school every week since I came here and sometimes at school I sit and stay and sometimes I fly over jhumps and sometimes I weave in these poles and I am always really good around other dogs like me cause I really like dogs and cats, too.
But last week my person said we had an important test and so I got real serious (that is SO hard for me cause my person says silly is my middle name). Anyway we met this nice lady, Bev, who petted me and touched my ears and my feet and brushed me and stuff and then I sat and stayed and walked with my person and stuff, and all of a sudden I was this thing called a Canine Good Citizen. Ha!

All my teachers, Catherine and Glenn and Nancy are all so cool and have helped me so much. And the lady who gave the special test, Bev, is so cool, too and I really liked her. And all the people who are so nice to me are so awesome and make me feel so happy and remind me that this is a real good life.

I love being a good citizen but now I'm real tired (see my picture with my brother, Pig).

Thank you, everyone.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Going to Brave School

"Chug-a-chug-a-chug-a. Going to Brave School, going to Brave School. Chug-a-chug-a-chug".  

Dats what my mum sings to me when we're going to my CGC class.  Hi everybody I've been away learning dat the world is not such a scary place.  One of my favorite places is Brave School, where I get to see all my friends and dat makes me so happy!  I specially like it when my best-bud Uba is there.  Since going to Brave School I'm not such a scarrdy-cat er I mean, scarrdy-dog anymore.   I don't even care if dat nice lady there comes by me wit dat noisy metal thing wit da wheels on it. Nope, nope not me!  So if you want to learn how to be a braver pooch, just drag your human out da bed bright and early and have dem take you to Brave School.  And maybe on the way home, they will let you sit in the front seat and hang your head out da window like your da bravest dog in town.  Hugs, Frodo

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Being a Good Boy

Hey Everybody!

Here I am looking out my sliding glass door. That might seem pretty ordinary, but I didn't used to get to do this on my own because SQUIRRELS are REALLY EXCITING!
There's a tree right outside my door, and those rascals come wave their tails and tease me, and then I get in trouble for shouting at them to CLEAR OFF! WOO! But my Lady says I am a big handsome boy now and that big boys don't shout at squirrels. Even when they really, really want to. Plus, big boys get more cookies! So I'm trying extra hard, and most of the time now I can watch them quietly and just think loud thoughts in my head.

Friday, February 13, 2009

behind the scenes

Hi Everybody-

Im sure you have seen when a few of us got to be in a famous sports magazine a while back. It was a lot of fun meeting all the magazine folks and getting my picture taken. Picture time means lots of cookies come my way. The people always hold cookies next to a camera so I will look at it. Then I get one. Heh, little do they know, I got them all figured out. I only look for a second or two, then turn away. I get way more cookies doing that. Mmmmm, cookies.

Anyway, my dad thought I should share this " behind the scenes " photo of my bud Cal and me working it for the camera. He said it was too cute not to share. Phooey, cute is for girls. We don't do cute. What we do is look cool. Yeah...Cool.

My dad also said I shoud thank everyone who helped, and for once, I think he might be right. So, BIG THANKS to, Jim and Deanne for the great story and pictures they put in thier magazine. Also big thanks to Cal for taking pictures with me, even though you didn't get any cookies. And I can't forget Brian, Asha, and Debbie down at Peninsula Humane for helping me score this great job. You guys are more than cool.

Life is good,


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Introducing Mr. Barker

My whole name is Iggy Piggy Barker,
but you can call me Iggy.

As an explanation of why I haven't introduced myself until now, I will just tell you that I like to take new things sorta the other day I got a new bed in my crate, and I decided that I shouldn't touch it for at least 24 sense in rushing into things if you ask me. This is me 14 months ago...

and this is me now...
Every morning I wake up really early, just before the sun and I peek one eye open to see if I am still in my cozy bed in my new life and when I see that I am, I am so happy that I get up and do a little dance in my makes the people here think I need to go outside and pee. I don't have to pee, I am just glad that California isn't a dream.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Week Six and Steep Next Steps

Thursday was my six week surgery checkup. The surgeon said my x-rays look great and my knees are most definitely on the mend. If you’ve been following my little story, at my 3 week blog I complained of being picked up, put down, and picked up yet again because I just wanted to have some fun and RUN. I heard the surgeon say the next step in my rehab is lots of steps, as in lots of stairs. My first thought was boy, oh boy, freedom at last! It started this morning, up the stairs, down the stairs, up the stairs. It’s not what I thought it’d be. This is hard work. I look up at her, but she won’t pick me up by my handle. She ignores my big round pleading eyes and I have to do it on my own. Those stairs are so steep and my legs are so tired. I wish I’d never complained about feeling like a purse. Now will you puleez pick me up!