Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My New Years Workout

Since the New Year, my people have been helping me workout more. They have been letting me run on my treadmill almost everyday. I LOVE running on my treadmill, it is so much fun!  

I got this cool new harness called a back pack to help me work out while the tiny human was here. My people say I am a real working dog when I wear it. When I am more used to wearing it and I don't bump in to things so much, I can carry stuff around for us all, like water and treats. That will be really cool. I like to work and be a good boy. Here I am getting ready to go for a walk in my back pack. I was wondering what was taking so long - lets go!
I have been helping my dad on his bicycle, too. When we go to his races I run next to him after his race to show him that I am a good athlete too. I can run so fast I'm sure he has a hard time keeping up with me. Here we are resting after our workout.My people say a tired Uba is a good Uba, so I hope all my working out makes me a good dog because I do get tired.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Very Important Day

Hey Everybody!

I got long snuggles with my lady this morning while she watched TV. It was great- just like a whole extra Saturday! I even got a cookie! She said it was a Very Important Day because of something called Politics. I don't know much about Politics, but she said the man on the TV was our new President, which is like a pack leader. She said he talked about freedom and respect for everybody no matter who you are or what you believe. That sounds just like what pit bulls need, too. Sometimes people make faces at my man and lady or say mean things about us, and they haven't even met us! But this year things seem different. Lots of new friends are finding forever homes, and more people are getting a chance to learn new things about all of us. Maybe they'll keep letting us be ourselves and not judge us just because of where we came from. I sure hope so.

Well, after all that hard TV-watching I was ready for my nap, and today I'm just glad I'm free to be me in the sun.



Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's the Jhumpa Cam! Say "Cheese"!

You are never gonna believe this! Back when we had the real tree in our house and all the pretty lights everywhere, I got a whole bunch of new toys and fun games and lots of treats from my person and my Gramma and Grampa and my Uncle Glenn and my cousin, Kapowie. See, Powie is my favorite friend in the whole wide world - he's a dog, like me, but he's really big and so silly and fun and he makes me want to jump and play a lot. He's so cool.

Anyhow, Uncle Glenn and Powie gave me this awesome present when we had the real tree in the house called a camera. I know my person has one of those but it looks real different from the one I got. Well, my camera snaps on the fancy necklace I wear every day and it clicks pictures of the stuff I'm looking at. Like this:

That's in my dining room and I'm sitting up on top of a big snuggle box (my person calls it a 'kennel' or sometimes a 'crate') so I can see out the window. I learned that cool trick to jump on top from one of my cats, Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion and now I can jump up high just like him. Sometimes we sit up there together in the sun and I love it.

So then I wore my camera on my walk with my big brother, Pig, and got this funny picture of him walking. I like to walk back behind Piggy next to my person and my person says I heel real good. I don't know what that means but I really like to be by her so it works out great. Anyway, we all had to wear our warm coats today cause it was colder than ZERO degrees. Brrrrr. I still liked it anyway cause I got to see a lot of stuff with my camera.

Well, I'm real tired from my big Saturday so that's all for now. Stay tuned for more adventures from the Jhumpa Cam!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

There's a Tiny Human in my Sunny Spot!

Last week my people cleaned up the room where Lulu and I nap in the sun and they closed the door and wouldn't let us in there. It was kind of annoying but they said someone called godson was coming to visit so we couldn't spend time in that room for a little while. Eventually a nice lady showed up with a tiny human. I've seen these tiny humans out on walks and at class, but never in my house before. I was kind of nervous. Maybe the tiny human would make everything change! He definitely seemed pretty scary.

The next day my dad said it was time for me to meet godson.
He let me and Lulu go into the room with our sunny spot and asked me to sit nicely and say hello to Khari, which is another name for godson, apparently.
hmmm... this tiny human may not be so bad. I gave him a cautious sniff, and a good lick to see.He didn't really like the lick, but he didn't seem too bad to me, so we enjoyed the sunny spot and talked about being small
This human puppy gets a lot of attention, and he still does scary things sometimes, but I am getting used to him. I hope I get to lick him again soon.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I am not a Purse!

Tomorrow marks the 3rd week since my knee surgery and Iʼm supposed to avoid any rigorous activity for many more weeks. Things are going well and Iʼm feeling much better, though I keep getting picked up when I try to run after squirrels, when I try to run up or down stairs, and for that matter, when I try to do anything fun. Seems the surgeon had this all figured out and made sure I came equipped with a handle on my jacket. I feel like a purse.

Monday, January 5, 2009

They Took It Away!!

Hey everyone...The Inspector here! Sorry I haven't been around much, but I've just been trying not to freeze my tail off here in Minnesota. I need to figure out how to get M-guy and M-gal to move. It's so cold here a few weeks ago they even brought a tree inside to keep alive. It was even one of those trees that live through the winter for crying out loud. When they brought it inside, M-guy was watching me closely like I was going to do something to the tree....not sure what that would be though. Sniffing it made me want to pee, so I unfortunately had to take a break and head outside to color some of the snow. M-guy told me I was a very good boy. Not sure why the big fuss since I always go outside to go pee. Anyway, I got to go back in after that and investigate the tree some more to figure out what they didn't want me to do to it. The green pointy things smelled good, so I took a little taste. That must have been what he didn't want me to do because he opened my mouth, reached down my throat and pulled out all the skinny green things I snagged off the tree. They tasted so good though, I just couldn't help myself from trying again and again and again. They caught me most of the time unfortunately, but I was able to sneak some green goods off the tree here and there.

Then it happened - they went and took the tree away! If I would have known they were going to take it away because I kept eating it, I would have been more discreet. I figured I was golden until it warmed up at least. Don't they know that tree is not going to survive out there?!? I guess I'll have to settle for all these bones and new toys laying around that we got in these big socks that are hanging in the house for Christmas. Oh wait....I saw Santa this year and we hit it off.....maybe he'll get me another tree I can eat.


Christmas vacation!

Hey everybody! I've been so busy with school and playing with my friends that my people said I needed a vacation. Well, okay, they said they needed a vacation but I got to come too so that was fine with me. We went up to the mountains, and it was really, really cold but I got a new red jacket so I didn't mind very much. At least it wasn't a SWEATER. My lady says she's going to make me one soon, and if I don't watch out it might be pink. ACK! I sure hope not. My friend Hana would really look better in pink 'cause she's a girl. But this vacation was fun! We went for lots of walks in the snow, and I kept trying to dig to the bottom of all that cold stuff but it turns out it's really, really deep. We went for rides in the car and had lots of cookies, and my people were with me all the time so I showed them all kinds of things and brought out all my toys for them to play with. My man and lady laughed and said I'm cute when I'm tired.
I don't know what they meant-- I'm cute all the time! But I really was tired. This vacationing is hard work. Here's me on the way home right before my nice long nap. Zzzzzzzz.....