Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Very Important Day

Hey Everybody!

I got long snuggles with my lady this morning while she watched TV. It was great- just like a whole extra Saturday! I even got a cookie! She said it was a Very Important Day because of something called Politics. I don't know much about Politics, but she said the man on the TV was our new President, which is like a pack leader. She said he talked about freedom and respect for everybody no matter who you are or what you believe. That sounds just like what pit bulls need, too. Sometimes people make faces at my man and lady or say mean things about us, and they haven't even met us! But this year things seem different. Lots of new friends are finding forever homes, and more people are getting a chance to learn new things about all of us. Maybe they'll keep letting us be ourselves and not judge us just because of where we came from. I sure hope so.

Well, after all that hard TV-watching I was ready for my nap, and today I'm just glad I'm free to be me in the sun.




Anonymous said...

Oh Ernie you are so sweet and adorable laying there asleep, I could just kiss you! I hope this is a good year for all the beautiful Pittie babies like you!!

Lightning and Co. said...

All of our people were gone during the very special In-agur-ation, but I know they watched it. I don't think it looked that good anyway. there are much better movies.

Otter Mom said...

Ernie, there will always be ignorant people out there. But you will rise about them and show your specialness, you are a very good dog.

Anonymous said...

When people say mean things, do what my pittie does...give 'em a big kiss.

Abby said...

Hi Ernie! I like sleeping in, too.
Lots of Snuffles and Chin Licks,

PS, I had to watch the In-aww-grr-a-shun, too, Mama made me.

One voice counts said...

Dear Ernie,
So far your commentary on the very important day is better than CNN and better than MSNBC and better than Edna. Who is my Mom and knows everything about everything. So when what you have to say is better than Edna - well - as they say here in the - ummm - South - and we are not talking as in Southern California - well, like I said, you are walking in high cotton.
Love, Samantha

Ernie said...

Thanks Everybody, and Hi Samantha!
High Cotton sounds like a fun place to walk! Unless it has thistles, 'cause those ARE NOT my favorite. I ran through a bunch of them when we went hiking once. OWEEE! But cotton sheets are super nice for naps. :-)

One voice counts said...

Yep. Those thistles are very annoying. Sigh. But, you are right about those cotton sheets. Thanks for making my day. Again.

One voice counts said...

Oh good grief. Ernie, I apologize. I got you confused with Hector. Which I know is really silly since you look nothing alike. Can you forgive me? I know it was Hector on MSNBC and not you. I should have known.

One voice counts said...

So ERNIE, I just wanted to tell you that you have inspired me to start a blog. Blog, blog, blog. Right now it is a blog for One voice counts, but SPIRIT and ARIEL and LADY and GHANDI have told me they think the blog should be in their names. I told them you and GRACE and HECTOR and all the other guys kinda had that covered. They snorted. Which of course is their way of saying there can never be enough good Dog Blogs.

One voice counts said...

Oh, ERNIE. Good grief. I am skating on the curve and going too fast. I forgot to give you my blog blog blog address.