Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I am not a Purse!

Tomorrow marks the 3rd week since my knee surgery and Iʼm supposed to avoid any rigorous activity for many more weeks. Things are going well and Iʼm feeling much better, though I keep getting picked up when I try to run after squirrels, when I try to run up or down stairs, and for that matter, when I try to do anything fun. Seems the surgeon had this all figured out and made sure I came equipped with a handle on my jacket. I feel like a purse.


Anonymous said...

Oh Audie.
What a great idea.
I must look into that.
My dog is having one leg done on Friday.
We`re not looking forward to the aftermath at least in the short term.
But you sure have given us some great ideas.
The pants(because we know the cone is going to cause a major sulk) and the handle.
Hope the pain has decreased by now.
You`re looking slightly less annoyed.

Leila said...

It's funny how the doctor knows what's best! Be good and you'll be chasing those squirrels sooner than you think!

Anonymous said...

nOh, Audie, darling - We're glad you feel better, and honestly,it's just like when you have to wear those horrid "cone" things - they do it 'cause they love you! Hang in there, and Happy New Year to you and your family from Miss AriMarie, the PitMix, in Seaside.
(P.S. I think you are VERY handsome, even in your pick-up gear! Flirt, blush!)

Anonymous said...

Oh my God Audie you are so sweet!!!!

Uba said...

haha, Audie! You look so silly! I hope my knees never need to go to the doctor because I would hate to be humiliated like that!

Your people are very nice so I am sure there is a good reason for all this embarrassment.

still, hahahahahahahaha!


Anonymous said...

This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

Hey Audie:
You're looking great. Sorry about the new accessory :-). Miss the pants.
Get well soon.
Your buddy,

jhumpa jones said...

Hey, Audie -

Been thinking about you a LOT lately! You look so cool in your handle jacket - I would like to get one too! Hopefully your leg will be real wiggly again real soon. And then those crazy squirrels better watch their furry heinies :)

sp said...

audie, i think you look stunning, red is a GREAT color on you. and the frankenstein stitches are super-cool too.

p.s. have you thought about milking this convalescence to see what you can get outta all this? hey, it might be fun to watch them running around to do your bidding...

Anonymous said...

Hey Audie
Is your sling/suitcase homemade or is it sold by some Pet store?

Linda said...

Hey Love all the BadRap dogs, all the best for a successful surgery on that leg today. Audie's vest is made by Ruffwear, and it has been a life saver during this long rehab process. http://www.ruffwear.com/Web-Master-Harness?sc=2&category=1131

Let me know how surgery goes, linda@badrap.org

Anonymous said...

Audie, you look like my sister in that harness. She has bad knees and a Ruff Wear harness like that. Only you are a pitbull and probably not near as bitchy as she is!!! Believe it or not, she likes it when our pawrents lift her up by it. I hope you heal soon!

Boris said...

Sweet Audie, Linda & family,

Maybe folks could move the handle back to your tail and they could get their jogging exercise while you run chase on your front legs.

You all are going to make it and come out the other side in 'great shape' (your legs & folks biceps).

Now it takes one to know one and I agree with the Uba-man. Your picture does make on LOL with you putting on that pathetic sag.

Keep those stories & pics coming!Your brother in surgery, Boris

Anonymous said...

Got the harness.
It helps a lot.
Surgery went well but my dog developed a life threatening infection 2 weeks post op and was in ICU for a week.
She is winning that battle but blew the other knee immediately so she is facing another surgery as soon as she is well enough to cope with that.

Glad to read that Audie is doing well.