Monday, January 5, 2009

They Took It Away!!

Hey everyone...The Inspector here! Sorry I haven't been around much, but I've just been trying not to freeze my tail off here in Minnesota. I need to figure out how to get M-guy and M-gal to move. It's so cold here a few weeks ago they even brought a tree inside to keep alive. It was even one of those trees that live through the winter for crying out loud. When they brought it inside, M-guy was watching me closely like I was going to do something to the tree....not sure what that would be though. Sniffing it made me want to pee, so I unfortunately had to take a break and head outside to color some of the snow. M-guy told me I was a very good boy. Not sure why the big fuss since I always go outside to go pee. Anyway, I got to go back in after that and investigate the tree some more to figure out what they didn't want me to do to it. The green pointy things smelled good, so I took a little taste. That must have been what he didn't want me to do because he opened my mouth, reached down my throat and pulled out all the skinny green things I snagged off the tree. They tasted so good though, I just couldn't help myself from trying again and again and again. They caught me most of the time unfortunately, but I was able to sneak some green goods off the tree here and there.

Then it happened - they went and took the tree away! If I would have known they were going to take it away because I kept eating it, I would have been more discreet. I figured I was golden until it warmed up at least. Don't they know that tree is not going to survive out there?!? I guess I'll have to settle for all these bones and new toys laying around that we got in these big socks that are hanging in the house for Christmas. Oh wait....I saw Santa this year and we hit it off.....maybe he'll get me another tree I can eat.



Anonymous said...

Hector you look *so* handsome up there with Santa! You're on the good boy list for sure. Sorry you lost your tree, but keep an eye out next year...I bet there will be more needle nibbling opportunities!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a photo of Hector being held where he is not the consistency of a rag doll! Seriously, though, and not to sound critical but the scarf seems to be strategically placed to hide his scars. No need - we all love Hector just the way he is, scars and all.

Anonymous said...


You look great with Santa! I made sure that I let my husband and all of my friends know that I only wanted the calender with your beautiful mug on it for Christmas, and I got 2!!! You look so sweet on the cover!

Sorry your tree is gone, but you will get a new one next year! You keep proving everyone wrong!

Love you much!

Natalie in not so warm Cali

Hector said...

Wasn't trying to hide my scars...just the way the bandana happened to be. I liked it in front cuz then I could use it as my very own transportable tug toy. :-)

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have you sitting on my lap looking all handsome!!! Happy New Year to you and your crew?

Anonymous said...

You're welcome to spend the winter in Cali with me and my pittie girl, Bunny! We have trees here all year. They don't really taste good, so let me know when you want to come out, and I'll stock up on lots of treats!

Anonymous said...

Hector your one of my favourite's xxxxxx
handsome boy from Australia