Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My New Years Workout

Since the New Year, my people have been helping me workout more. They have been letting me run on my treadmill almost everyday. I LOVE running on my treadmill, it is so much fun!  

I got this cool new harness called a back pack to help me work out while the tiny human was here. My people say I am a real working dog when I wear it. When I am more used to wearing it and I don't bump in to things so much, I can carry stuff around for us all, like water and treats. That will be really cool. I like to work and be a good boy. Here I am getting ready to go for a walk in my back pack. I was wondering what was taking so long - lets go!
I have been helping my dad on his bicycle, too. When we go to his races I run next to him after his race to show him that I am a good athlete too. I can run so fast I'm sure he has a hard time keeping up with me. Here we are resting after our workout.My people say a tired Uba is a good Uba, so I hope all my working out makes me a good dog because I do get tired.


Donna said...

We love you when you're sleepy Uba!

Well, we love you all the time. But especially when you're sleepy.

Run on, Little Guy.

Boris said...

Uba Man,

GMom has it right love ya all the time. You are going to go from little Guy to HULK Guy in no time.

You look real handsome in red. I need to share some of my b-pack stories. Hey, just realized I don't even have a picture of me wearing mine.

When we went downtown for the kids fun run, I thought it was to keep me warm like a coat as it makes my back feel sunny. Was I surprised when the real sun came out, my OEL had me carry our vests in it.

I must be getting smarter wearing it on my walks, as I'm up to 4 readers digests and when Feb. comes I get 6.

That treadmill stuff looks fun, none of those Hector crash turns and never running out of road. Is yours just for you or share with family?

I guess I could walk fast on it as I got to admit, I'm now much of a runner. Sheena's OEL says I'm like a Quarter Horse, I do those quick sprints and then ready for a nap.

Keep us posted, I'ma check back, Boris

Uba said...

Boris, that treadmill is just for me! Lulu won't even use it. It is specially made just for dogs by this company The good thing about it is that I get to control how fast I go, so it doesn't get boring.

Boris said...

Trackman Uba,

You are special athlete with your own gym equipment. That speed control sounds like what a bruiser like me needs. I probably need the XXL model to fit my wide head and body.

I just had an experience that I have to share with you. We call them SADDLEBAGS here in Tx.

Checked-back and Saddled-back, Boris

Little Boy Blue said...

Uba -

That treadmill looks like so much fun! I'm not allowed to have one. The state of Oregon has decided that they are dog fighting equipment. Huh? When mean people wanted you to be a mean fighting dog did you ever get to have anything so fun? My old mean people would never have gotten me anything fun like that!

Did you know they give titles for backpacking? My big sister is a PDX. Info here I'm still looking for a pack that fits right.

Anonymous said...

Uba you are so adorable. It was great to see your cute self for real at CGC today.

One voice counts said...

Dear Uba, OH. You are such a gorgeous HOBL dog. Hunk of burning love. I mean anyone who can start my day with a smile goes in my Dog Log 2009 Agenda. And that, dear Uba, is a place where only the bestest of the bestest are recorded. Thank you for starting my day with a smile.

Ernie said...

Uba! I was excited to see you at school on Saturday. Your nap spot looks GREAT. Aren't sunny sleepy spots The Best after working out?

One voice counts said...

OH Ernie. I just saw you on MSNBC. Does this mean that you are a famous person now and my people will have to call your people so we can take a meeting?