Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Merry Little Christmas

Hey, all -

Check out my latest vid! I recently celebrated my first christmas in my forever home here in new york. It was snowy and amazing!!!! Thanks to all for all your good wishes and support! And thanks to John Denver and the Muppets for a great song! It certainly is a very merry little christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 2009! This is gonna be our year, pibbles!!!


Do I Look Like a Cookie?

I've noticed a funny trend in my life - everyone is always biting and pulling on my cheeks. One of the first things my favorite friend Tim did to me when I got to California was to nibble on my cheek. I wasn't sure how much I liked it, but I like him, so it was OK. Now he does it every time I see him, which is FUN!

Then I moved in with my family, and my dad starting doing the same thing. Sometimes he pulls on both of my cheeks and we both make funny faces.

Even my newest girlfriend Sydney nibbles on my face. I love Sydney - she is so pretty and fun. She came to California and Bad Rap from New Orleans because someone called Katrina flooded her house.

I'm starting to think my face must look like a yummy cookie or something. I think its a good thing to have cookie cheeks because it makes everyone wants to play with me, and that means lots of FUN and I can bounce and zoom around and its ok to be crazy.

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Ouch! My knees hurt!

What is going on around here! I finally get comfortable around this place and then she hauls me off to the vet and next thing I know, they hack off and move part of my two knee bones and now they're full of pins and staples. So, here's what I know. I had medially luxating patellas, grade 3, and they hurt all the time. Now, they still hurt all the time and my legs and butt are bald! Well, I have to be honest, the pain is starting to go away and I'm being treated like a little prince. So, it's really not all that bad.

She snapped a photo of me when I got home last Thursday. It's the most pathetic look I could scroung up at the time.

Then a couple of days ago, my staples started itching really bad and I needed to lick them. A lot. I got really scared when she put on the plastic cone, so I decided to stand in one place without moving for a couple of hours. Well, I guess my pouting worked. She got concerned, called my vet, and went out and got me some toddler pants. It's humiliating wearing these toddler stretch pants, but at least the cone is gone. I've figured out how to take off my pants a couple of times, but she just puts them back on.

I suppose I'm complaining a little too much about the pain and my pants. I am starting to realize that there are people out there who really do mean well, people I've never even met, and I think they are actually looking out for my happiness. So perhaps I'll make everybody happy and leave the pants on (for now).

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Think I Might be a Movie Star...

This might be as crazy for all of you to believe as it is for me, but here's the skinny: I am a movie star! Or at least that's what my person says. You will not find me in the latest Batman movie (it was a really cool movie, though, and I would have been really good in it!) or in any Disney animated flick. But as proof of my small-screen stardom, my person helped me put the movie here, so you can see my big premiere for yourself...

Cool, huh? I love being in the movies!

And the rest of my life is, well, great. My person actually brought a real tree inside a few weeks ago and it made me so excited that I ran around the house, smashing into stuff and grabbing toys like a total maniac. I didn't knock the tree over onto the floor yet and my person says that makes me a really, really good girl. The weatherpeople say we're going to get a big snowfall here in New York today (a "foot" of snow - funny, cause I have four feet and they seem really normal. So what's the big deal about one foot?!?!?) Anyway, maybe we will get some pics of this big snowy deal and show them to you.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Friend Grace

Hi Everyone,

Me and my friend Grace have been hanging out a bunch the last few weeks. We get to go on walks together, run, play, and tear up my dad's lawn. I don't think he likes that too much, so we try to do it when he is not looking.

My dad says we are two peas in a pod. What's a pod ? I still don't get half of what people say. But they are nice, so Grace and I just go along with it. Besides......they have all the cookies.