Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Friend Grace

Hi Everyone,

Me and my friend Grace have been hanging out a bunch the last few weeks. We get to go on walks together, run, play, and tear up my dad's lawn. I don't think he likes that too much, so we try to do it when he is not looking.

My dad says we are two peas in a pod. What's a pod ? I still don't get half of what people say. But they are nice, so Grace and I just go along with it. Besides......they have all the cookies.



Anonymous said...

By the looks of your lawn Jonny....your dad is turning a blind eye.
But hey playing is way more important than lawns.
You`re both looking adorable.
I`ve reviewed the video a couple of times looking for "dangerous" behavior.
Nope I just see adorable.

Little Boy Blue said...

Lawns are for something besides running on and tearing up? What?

Boris said...

JJ and Grace - you are way too butt-tuck cute.

Between 'fertilizing' and all that heavy breathing (CO2), that grass would be growing to the roof if you didn't keep it in its place. Your path mowing should be considered yard art.

Sheena and I like when the rain comes after the tear-up. With our doggie-door, we can make artwork in the house too.

Check-Back, Boris

Anonymous said...

You need your own show Jonny.
Enough of these guest appearances on other shows.
When are we going to be hearing...
and Heeeeere`s Jonny


Don`t you recognize a Star when you see one?

2beemo said...

Awwwh Jonny... you taught little Gracie your one-ear up trick! Lookin' super cute!

Anonymous said...

There is no way that you guys could be any cuter!

Anonymous said...

You two are too dang cute! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

You guys are completely adorable! Looks like you had fun in the yard!

Anonymous said...

Ohmidog -- are you two sure you're not related? :>)

Heather Cherry said...

Aw, Jonny, you are too cute! You remind me lots of my Snuggles!

Anonymous said...

I have a dog too.
Very cute!
I want to see your dog at real time!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!
I want to see your dog in real time!

Bethany said...

It's to bad Chris doesn't want to take in Gracie too. They make such a handsome couple