Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Busy Weekend

This weekend was really busy.  On Saturday I went to class and saw my sister Zippy.  She looks just like me, only girly.  She is a whole lot of fun and she wags her tail all the time.  She is still looking for a forever home, but her foster people love her and are tons of fun so she has lots of things to be happy and wiggly about.  After class we all went to lunch with Jelly Roll, Kinzie and Frida.  Lunch apparently means the dogs get water and then sit around watching our people eating and talking.  Not sure how much fun it really was, but my mom said it was good training for me, so I guess it was ok.  I like training.

On Sunday I went to a bike race.  My dad races cyclocross and there was a race in my favorite park near our house.  Lulu and I hung out and watched the races and greeted our friends when they came to say hello.  The first few times I went to bike races they were kind of scary, but this one was fun because now I know some of the people and it was in my park.  Here I am making sure my dad got a good warm up on his trainer - he's the legs in the white, black and orange shorts.  

There was so much to look at and smell and hear that I got really tired. When we got home Lulu and I lay down for a nice nap.  


Anonymous said...

Uba- you are so beautiful! What a testiment to all of the wonderful things that BADRAP does to see you so happy and healthy!

Anonymous said...

The pic of you and Lulu sleeping back to back is the c-u-t-e-s-t thing I have even seen! xoxoxo

Unknown said...

SO happy you are no longer afraid of bikes and had a fun time in the park!!! You are so gorgeous and I hope good things keep happening to you :)