Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sweet Dreams!

My life has been real exciting lately. I have been going to school and going for walks with my person and my other dogs and riding in the car and romping all around in our yard and playing with my cats (I love my cats!!) and chewing up toys and throwing the guts all over the place, too.
Anyway, every night before we go to sleep my person tucks all of us in our special spots and kisses us. So the other night my person covered me in my blanket and kissed me and told me a cool story. She said that while I was taking my nap on the couch in the sun in the afternoon I was moving my legs all around like I was running. I guess I was dreaming about playing or something. Then my person told me that I was also wagging my tail real fast in my dream. So I was definitely playing cause I always wag my tail when I run around and play with all my friends.

When she tucked me in that night she said, "more sweet dreams, Bones" (Bones is my nickname cause it rhymes with Jhumpa Jones). And it was great cause I like happy dreams. Cause I wag my tail.


Anonymous said...

Tears of joy
So happy for you Jhumpa.
I hope all your dreams are good ones and I hope you live a long and happy life.

Looking forward to reading about all your new adventures.

Anonymous said...

Jhumpa, you are adorable! I hope all of your dreams are sweet!

Anonymous said...

Just look at that little face. So sweet. Hope you were dreaming of sunny days and endless treats.

Boris said...

Great to see you enjoying life.

Not too serious but had a thought. Has anyone done a study (hidden camera thing) watching dogs that have been sheltered for long periods of times like the Vick Dogs? Do they see the dogs having happy dreams?

I have to watch I don't get too excited when I dream or I get kicked off 'their' bed.

Check Back, Boris

One voice counts said...

OK. Can I just say that the Viok Dog Blog is better than chocolate, better than crunchy peanut butter, better than a good red wine that you shouldn't have bought for your own damn self. This is the very bestest thing in my new year. And the pics are grand. T h a n k y o u.