Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winter Sport

Every Monday morning she says to me, "Audie, do you want to go to tracking class today?" But I think these people send me to class to eat. I can't believe it. These crazy people put gloves, flags, and treats in a huge field and they are amazed that I can find the glove along the food path they set. Duh! I'm hungry and they put food on the ground. How easy it that! I'm a dog with a nose. Well, actually, it was easy until they started turning corners, going up and down hills, spreading the food further and further apart, and sending me into the marsh. But what's a hungry little dog to do? It's pretty easy, it's fun to find the glove at the end of the track, and it makes my person happy when I find it. So, yes, I try to tell her with my eyes and a wag of my tail, "I do want to go to tracking class today."


jhumpa jones said...

Hey, Audie!

So happy to hear how much you like tracking! I have not tried this sport yet - I have tried a thing called obedience and this other thing called agility - and love them both! But it's so cool that you are so good at it!!

By the way - How is your knee? I have the same kind of knee and my person is trying to figure out what to do about it. Please let us know!!!

Boris said...

You got yourself the smartest ladies I know, so you must be real smart to get her to make a game out of leading you to treats. What a special life!

JJ you'll get your game soon, as it must be part what they call 're-hab'. Afer my surgery, my folks tried to keep me from doing zoomies by teaching me 'find-it'. They'd put me in a sit-stay, then throw a piece of smelly cheese in a direction that I couldn't watch it. Then after I started to drool, they'd say 'find-it'. I thought I did o.k. cause I found a lot of the cheese pieces. They joked about slobber getting in the way and helped try to direct me with words when I 'lost-it'. They laugh that I'd starve to death if I had to depend on my nose.

Do you get to play tug with the glove? That would be a good reason to find the glove. I'd love to find it with you Audie.

A nose by any other name, Boris