Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sliding Glass Doors - Friend or Foe

Hmmm.....ya, not much thinking needed on this one. DEFINITE FOE!!! I mean seriously......what kind of crazy person thought this one up?!? Saturday we're over at M-Guy's friends' house and I get to play with their female Pit and big male Rottie. It was a pretty sweet set up. There was a big opening in the family room to lead out onto the deck, which then went down to the yard with stairs you barely had to use if you didn't want to. Of course I chose not to. We got to play chase a bunch of times and could bring toys and stuff in and out of the house. I got the other two dogs riled up and into a good wrestling match, and of course being the good dog that I am thought we should take this rough housing outside to appease the humans. I spring free from the other two to have them chase me outside when WHAM!!! This invisible force later described as the "sliding glass door" was put in place so the humans could turn on the "air conditioning". This sliding glass door thing is just wrong. I'm all for running into things, walls included, but there's a technique to it. Full speed, face first because you can't see it coming is not it. The only thing I haven't figure out is who is more insane - the person who invented this messed up object or the people crazy enough to buy them and put them in their houses.



Anonymous said...

Hector I feel ya. Not only do we have a sliding glass door, I figured that one out ok, but even when that's open there's sometimes this "screen" thing there that's not only invisible, you can smell stuff through it. Luckily, my person can't laugh at me too hard when I try to run right into it, because I caught her doing the same thing once.

Also, about walls. How are you even supposed to keep track of where those things are when obviously you have to look backwards the whole time you're running in case someone throws a ball?

Burton said...

Hector, I'm glad you weren't hurt. When I was a teenager we had a lab mix that ran right through one and it cut her.

Belle says "smoochie".

Anonymous said...

Oh Hector are you ok?
We worry and care.

May or may not work but worth a try.(Course they`re not in your home)
My dogs seem to see/notice them and that has stopped the run ins with my Patio doors.
It stops the birds from the other side but it hasn`t stopped the cat.

But it does sound like you`re having one hec(tor) of a good time and making lots of new friends.

BTW a while back your guy extended an invite(in comment section of your local Newspaper) to someone who had a very negative opinion of you to come and meet both of you.
Has anyone who(thought) they didn`t like you or feared you met you and changed their view somewhat?

Anonymous said...

Poor Hector! Don't feel bad, you have "family" here in California that ran into the screen door so hard that she made her own doggy door. It took the dogs a couple of days to figure out that they could go in and out through this new "door", but they- and their human 14 month old brother-have figured out that is a great escape route. It was scary at first, but now they love it. Hope that you and Wallace and the rest of your family are all doing well, and we can't wait for more updates!

Natalie in Cali

Little Boy Blue said...

Hector, the secret to sliding glass doors is you have to put lots of nose prints on it. Then they are good things because unlike other doors to outside, you can open them by shoving them in the right direction.

Also, if there is a screen on a sliding glass door, if you run into it hard enough it will fall off and then you can go outside.

Thoughts said...

LOL. Hector its okay. Were you a little embarassed?

We reviewed you guys on our blog today and gave you a shout out. Come and check it out if you want to. thoughtsfurpaws.com

Unknown said...

so awesome to see and hear that these pups are living the life now after such an awful start!

Anonymous said...

I have to comment.. Hector reminds me of my uncle's pit bull mix named Nico who was stolen and killed in a dog fighting ring. Glad to see Hector is doing well though. I am new to this blog and I am in love!