Friday, September 5, 2008

My Friends

Its been a while since I became a free dog and started making friends. I am kind of a shy guy, but once I know someone, and I decide they can be trusted, I give them a big hug and then we are friends forever. All the people I know get hugs when I see them.

I've made some really great friends so far, but two of my special friends are Rachel and Aaron. They both helped me learn to be a better boy and I'm really happy to know them.
After I had been with my family for a little while I met the nicest person called Rachel. She would come and visit me and Lulu while our people were out during the day. I LOVE Rachel, she is so nice and understanding. She has gone away to a place called London in England, wherever that is, to go to graduate school. My mom says I can't go and visit her there because dogs like me are illegal in England. I gave her a big hug goodbye before she left so she can remember what England is missing out on.

I made another new friend recently, too. His name is Aaron and he is my dad's nephew. I am kind of scared of the people who are called "teenagers". They are often kind of loud and they roam around in packs, so I just don't know about them. I thought Aaron was pretty scary when I first met him, since he is a teenager. Lulu said he was very nice, though, so I watched him closely for a few days and kept my distance. After a while I realized that he was a lot like me and we made friends. We gave each other a big hug to celebrate.

I can't wait to make more friends like Rachel and Aaron!

Uba, CGC


Anonymous said...

I`m glad to hear you`re making more friends.
You`re right.
England`s loss
England`s gain to have your smart friend going there to study though.
I have a teenager(female)looking over my shoulder and she just said and I quote
"I don`t know why it would take Uba long to warm up to Aaron,he`s adorable."
Are you looking for a girlfriend Aaron?
You are pretty cute,I must add.
Uba it goes without saying but I`ll say it anyway....
You definitely are cute and adorable and I love all the letters trailing your name now.

Unknown said...

OH Uba you make my heart melt! So happy that you are finding and meet new friends, Congrats on your wonderful and happy new life :) Your people must be proud!

Anonymous said...

Hey Uba,

Friends ARE great - and think of how many more you will get to meet now that you live with Mom, Dad and Lulu. Teenagers can be pretty cool. My dog-boy Nelson is the same kind of dog as you (a pibble) and he SLEEPS with my human-boy, Ian - on his bed - every night! You just have to give them a chance and I think you'll like most of them. By the way - congrats on the CGC thingy - Nelson hopes to have that after his name very soon, too! Much Love, Marie, Nelson, Jeff and Ian

Uba said...

"England’s loss"

It is really sad that England has banned dogs like me. Our great great grandparents were English and so we all come from there. It’s not very nice to create a breed of great dogs and then decide you don't like them any more. My people say that England banned us because they thought it would stop people from getting bitten by dogs (like I would ever bite anyone! what an insult!) but more people are getting bitten since England made the rule. Duh! Bullies love people a lot and any dog can bite if they are upset enough.

Look at all my friends from the sad and scary place in Virginia. Only one of the 49 of us wasn't able to be nice to people, and I don't think it was her fault that she couldn't be nice, she just had suffered so much and had people be so mean to her she didn't know what else to do. I think people are really nice and all I want to do is get them to tell me I'm a good boy. Unfortunately some of us bullies get strange owners who tell us that being mean to people makes us good dogs, and so we make terrible mistakes, that are really not what we want to do, just trying to be good dogs. Then, when we get in trouble, we take the blame because we can't speak human language to tell the police that we were just being good and doing what our people told us. Humans are very confusing, and I am really glad my people are nice and tell me I'm a good boy all the time for doing things that are easy for me to do, like sitting, or paying attention to them.

Hugs, Uba

Anonymous said...

I always love to read your blog and see what a wonderful turn of events you have experienced! The photos on this entry are fantastic, I wish I could get a Uba hug!

Take good care!

Boris said...


My OEL came back from E-Bay (is that where you sell things) with great stories of visiting with pibbles including you:
- he said it was as hot as Texas at pit-ed class for you last Saturday.
- he was so happy you remembered him and came-up to him without hesitation.
- I'm so embarassed that he kept calling you 'she', it is just an Italian thing with names ending in 'a'
- he is also sorry he forgot those good treats you like
(your special lady said you weren't eating, what's up with that)

He was working with some folks from Australia. They have a similar problem with dogs like us. They have Dingos, Kangaroos and Koala's, but they'll never see a Boris or Uba?

He got a great picture last trip of you with your tounge hanging out that he'll try to share.

Remember you don't have to be friendly with everyone, but a few people are worth calling friends forever.

Check-Back, Boris

Thoughts said...

that is so sweet! How he hugs! Adorable :)

Anonymous said...

You go, Uba!!!

rachel kesel said...

awwww, uba! i came to check your blog and i get a picture of us hugging! i'm proud to call you my friend, ubes. i'm finally settled in london, after ages of looking for a great place to live. i found a home with a dog, NINE cats, a rabbit, and a goldfish pond. you'd be so overstimulated, god knows I am.
these animals are great, but i miss all of my four leggers back in SF.
there are some dogs sorta like you, but i guess a lot of them have to wear muzzles all the time. staffies are everywhere! they aren't as cute as you and lulu though.

don't forget me, pup!