Friday, August 29, 2008


Okay, so for the most part they are good things. I can usually bounce off them to help me get to where I want to go. The best thing about walls is that it's so much easier to just let them stop you, instead of having to expend all that energy to stop yourself. When you run at them, they don't move and stop you dead in your tracks. It's awesome! Much more stable of a stopping device than M-Guy's legs.

The one downside is that I think they are built similar to the stairs in some way. Much like how the stairs move out from underneath me right as I put my feet down, the end of the walls called "corners" are not so stationary. It seems to happen most when I turn around, but the corners randomly shoot out and extend themselves to make openings smaller than the first time I passed by. Not a huge deal until you turn around right as they shoot out into your face. Man does that sting. So my lesson for today when it comes to walls - Aim for the center!



Anonymous said...

You look absolutely pooped or should I say dog tired.(Housework?)
Are you into the disc catching yet or are you leaving that up to the Champ?

Anonymous said...

Don't let the world box you in Hector! With a little practice, we're sure you'll be able to move right through walls just as easily as you move through hearts!

Hector said...

Nah....that whole disc thing is a little messed up if you ask me. I'll leave that to the Champ.

M-Guy had some good stuff, and I was trying to sneak a little taste in this picture, but he caught me.


Burton said...


Belle says it's those darn hardwood floors that don't provide any traction!

Tell your daddy or mommy to give you a big belly rub from his KY friends!