Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm Brave Now

Yesterday started out like any normal Saturday. We went to school like always, but this time there was a different teacher called the evaluator and there were way more people than usual. I did all the good stuff I usually do in class, only this time I didn't get any treats and the nice evaluator paid attention only to me. After we finished, she wrote stuff down on a piece of paper and then she said "Congratulations!" My mom was SO happy, she gave me a whole bunch of treats and she let me bounce around, which I'm not supposed to do at school. Then all the nice people clapped and came over to give me and my mom hugs. They said that now I was Canine Good Citizen! When I was first living with my family I learned that Lulu was a Canine Good Citizen and I decided I would study hard so I could be smart and brave just like Lulu. It is very exciting to know that school is what makes me smart! I love school.

Everyone was so proud of me and when we got home I got a yummy turkey neck with my dinner. Even the nice man called Landlord came over to tell me I was a good boy. It was like a party for me all day. Then my mom looked at the computer and told me that Jonny was a Canine Good Citizen now, too!

Today I got to do all my favorite things. We went on a nice walk to my favorite park and looked at the gopher holes. I didn't find any gophers this time, but it was fun anyway.

Then we spent the afternoon in the back yard. I made a new hole underneath a tree and took a nap. I think I might get a special treat with my dinner again tonight, too!

It was a great weekend and I can't wait to get my new Canine Good Citizen tag to wear on my collar, just like Lulu does. Then everyone will know that I am a smart and brave boy.

hugs, Uba


Anonymous said...

[quote]Then everyone will know that I am a smart and brave boy.[/quote]

You were already a smart and brave boy UBA.
Unfortunately most humans are just too dumb to realize that.
Perhaps Humans are the ones who should be earning a HGC certificate and wearing it on a collar.

Read your Press release here.
Keep on putting those Press Releases out.
They`re reaching far and wide!!

Hugs and congratulations and keep on educating those D-U-M-B humans will ya!

A fan and a fairly smart human.

Ask Frodo to update and tell him he`s already smarter than most humans, with or without a certificate to prove it,not to worry.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Uba! You've always been a brave boy.

Anonymous said...

Darling Uba -

CONGRATULATIONS! You are the best boy, and we are all so proud of you.

And you know, Uba, the only thing I would change is your title. You are brave now, it's true, but I have to say you were ALWAYS brave. That's why everyone recognized what a special guy you are. Being brave isn't always about not being a little shaky or confused. Being brave is about the courage to believe that things can change, and that you can change.

You may have been a little worried from time to time, but you've always been a true brave heart.

With love - AriMarie and her family in Seaside

Anonymous said...

ok ok ok Tears of joy are flowing like Crazy and my girl doggie Ninnie is giving me that concerned tilted head thing. We am so proud of you !!! You are such a Brave and wonderful boy !! Many hugs and Kisses to you ..
Crystal and Ninnie Girl- Apollo Beach FL

Hector said...

Congrats!! M-Guy says that I'm going to be taking that test soon, too. Hopefully I do as well as you did. According to M-Guy, I can pass it as long as my nose doesn't distract me too much. They don't call me the inspector for nothing! :-)


Uba said...

Thank you everyone for your nice words about me always being brave. I guess I forget that my curiosity and the fact that I really want to understand things helps me be brave about new and scary things. I have to admit I still think the busy street down the hill from our house is pretty scary. I just don't know how Lulu can be so calm and happy when there are so many things going on. It is too much to take in all at once. I really want to understand this busy human world, though, so I keep trying.

Frodo has been coming to our CGC classes and hanging out with Jonny and me. He is getting much braver, too, and he is learning new stuff all the time. I will tell him to check in here soon.

Hector, I am sure you will do really well at the CGC test. You are so brave and smart. Just pay attention to your M-Guy and he will tell you what to do. I looked at my mom a lot during the test and she said that was definitely the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

[quote]Frodo has been coming to our CGC classes ....I will tell him to check in here soon.[/quote]

Thanks UBA
Frodo has a LOT of fans.
No one out here is forgetting about Frodo.

Unknown said...

Congrats Uba!! You should defintaly be proud of EVERYTHING you accomplished!!! You and the other dogs are Breed Ambassadors all on your own and your people are too! I can't say it enough, but your stories and updates really make my day so please keep it up!

YOu know the saying "One Dog can change your life!" I believe it and I like my boy did for sure:)

Thanks so much for these amazing stories again keep them coming!!!

Anonymous said...

Uba, congratulations! You must have been highly motivated to finish this test! Good wishes and love from Minnesota.
P.S. Probably a good idea to be a little bit afraid of busy streets ...

Thoughts said...

We just found this blog and absolutely LOVE IT! We think it's SO fantastic that you guys get to write your own blog and that you are all happy and healthy now, getting all the love and care you so deserve.

We are full of well-wishes and big sloppy kisses for you.

With love,
Benson and Gibson

Unknown said...

congrats again, uba. i'm so proud of you and i miss you like crazy. i'm back home in the atlanta area before i head to london for school. a lost dog found her way to me, and it's so much harder to help them here than it would be in SF.

you'd like her. she's goofy but submissive, a ridgeback mix (doubt you'd even notice the boxer in her).

keep your tail up, smart boy! trust your guardians, they've got your back.

your former walker and biggest fan,

Vida de la Muerta said...

I love you and are I am so proud