Thursday, August 21, 2008

Me Too, Me Too!!!!

I couldn't let you guys out in Cali have all the fun, so I made sure M-Guy knew I was ready for that Good Canine Something-Or-Other test by helping M-Gal around the house while he was in Colorado with Wallace and Ajax. I made sure that she knew where one of her socks was by going and snatching it out of the laundry basket. Then I made sure her sandals looked extra clean with a Hector Special Spit Shine. The rug going into the laundry room really needed a beating to get the dust out of there as well. Then I cleaned one of the windows, but that was a little tricky because I had to get up on the desk to reach it. M-Gal kept stopping me from doing all these things like I wouldn't do a good enough job. She had dumped brand new toys all over the place that she wanted me to play with, but I didn't want to play. I had to prove I could be a Good Doggie Citizen thing like all my buddies back in Cali. I was able to do one thing before she stopped me though. The big plant in the corner really needed watering, so I was able to get it free from its pot and bring it to her to make sure she was aware of the necessary attention that the plant needed. After that I got dinner in my crate for a hard day of house chores, and she called M-Guy to tell him all the things I did to help her around the house. M-Guy must have been pretty impressed, because he got back from Colorado and finally took me to take that test. He said I was a very good boy, and that I passed!! Well duh, I'm sure once they heard about all the stuff I did around the house to help M-Gal out, the rest were just details. I got a big rawhide when I got home. It was good. Hey haven't unpacked your suitcase from Colorado yet. Let me help you with that...........



Anonymous said...

Congrats fellas!
We knew you could whip that disc fella into shape, Hector.
Can`t wait to see some more home movies of you enjoying your new life.

Uba said...

I knew you would ace the CGC test, Hector. It sounds like you worked much harder than I did, though. You really took all that housework seriously. I just went to the fun classes and paid attention for about five minutes.

Congratulations to you and M-Guy and M-Gal!

Boris said...

Congrats Hector!!!!

Ya da best!
Keep showing your M-clan how important you are in their life. Your diversity and skills go-waaaayyyy beyond disk retrieving.

O.K. the pressure is on this Planet Houston kid to get after his test.

Check Back, Boris

Anonymous said...

More hidden talents discovered ....horticultural skills along with household engineering skills! These wonderful dogs continue to amaze me! Congrats on the CGC thingy!

Burton said...

Hector, you rock! Keep up the good work and always make sure to help around the house. Especially with the laundry!


Briar Rabbit Primitives said...

Huge Congrats Hector! I knew you would ace that test easy! Looks like Wallace isn't the only Star in the family now! LOL! You keep helping M-Guy and M-Gal around the house! hehehe Hugs, Starla aka: GreenEyedBully

Anonymous said...

I watched the Vick program on Animal Planet this evening with fear in my heart. We now wish to thank you, for the awesome job you did. The stories that I could tell about peoples fears and lack of knowledge with this breed would take up so many pages LOL. My two babies, Shadrack age 10 who is an AmStaff, and Honey age 4 months who is a red nose; also want to say "thank you". Once again, thank you so very much. My myspace page will now have a pic of my new heroes ... you two. Much heart felt love to you and your gang.

Anonymous said...

welcome to the CGC club thngy that my mommy is always telling people about ... I am proud of you :)
Ninnie Girl from Apollo Beach FL