Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm a pamperd Pit!

Or at least dats what my mum calls me!  I've pretty much forgotten how scary my life used to be when me and some of my friends lived at dat "mean guys" place.  Now, I get to go for walks, play with my sister and brother, and even go on play-dates with other furry-friends. But bestest of all, I get to sleep under da covers with my mum!  Oh yeah, and dats when she calls me her "snuggle-bunny"!  Geeze, I always tawght I was just a plain ol' Pit Bull.  Who knew I would become all those other tings?!  A wee friend came to stay with me for a wittle bit,  so I tried calling her "my snuggle bunny".  Nope, Nope, snuggle-bunny she was not!  She always chased after me and tried to bite my butt!   So I named her "Dehlila da Piraña".  

But I do hope dat some day, she gets to be a pampered pit just like me! Even if she can be annoying.

~Love Frodo~


Susan Cava Ruimy said...

Oh Frodo I do love you but I have a funny feeling you speak better language in your head than your mommy thinks.

Two Pitties in the City said...

It looks like you have an amazing, pampered life now. You look so happy; it's almost like the bad stuff from your past never happened.

Unknown said...

Dear Frodo,
I'm so glad you get to snuggle with your Mum under the covers! I loved snuggling with my little doggie, Lola. Your little puppy friend looks very cute, but I bet it was kinda annoying having her chase you and try to bite your butt! Geeze! Stay cool.

kissa-bull said...

aww the pirana is full of cutness just like you
it warms our hearts to know you are pampered
just how you should have been all along

pibble said...

Frodo - you're so cute! You deserve to be pampered.

Maureen said...

Frodo! We haven't heard from you in so long. Now I see why... you have been busy being a snuggle bunny. That's so awesome!!

Sweet Dreams Frodo :)

Otter Mom said...

Oh Frodo, I'll just bet that you make an awesome snuggle bunny! I am so happy that you and all the others were rescued and have a chance at a good life, which you deserve so much.

Fabi said...

You are too cute you snuggle bunny :) It's great to see how well you're doing!

Anonymous said...

I am moved to tears by this post. Every time I see your face I wish I could get my hands around you know who's neck. Bless your Mommy and bless you!