Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oops, I threw a temper tantrum

I guess I should be thrilled. I got to go to a food (that’s food for people, not me) and music festival on Sunday. They got hungry and decided to go to a restaurant that allowed me to sit outside at a table. But I got bored. True, they gave me some treats for being a good dog and settling under the table, but there came a time when I decided enough was enough. I wanted to go do something else.

She snapped this photo just moments before I threw a temper tantrum. I had a melt down. I threw myself on the ground and spun around and tried to get myself out of my harness and collar. It didn’t work. She’s much bigger than me and quietly took my wiggling self and harness and sat me up again. At the time it seemed the world should revolve around my cute face, but it didn’t work out that way. I woke up yesterday with a more positive outlook on my life though. I suppose they could have left me at home with the other dogs. I hope they let me try again. I promise, I’ll behave.


PoochesForPeace said...

Aww, it's ok. We all have bad days! Better luck next time (cute pic!)

Uba said...

I'm sure she'll forgive you. Remember how I got annoyed when we were practicing "crate time" during rally practice and decided to roll my crate across the park? Everyone forgave me for that and let me try again.

Susan Cava Ruimy said...

Funny how my Juno had a tempter tantrum at the same kind of moment...at a cafe in front of lots of people! You little pitties pick the best times to pretend your not perfect!!! Hugs to you from NYC!!! =)

Anonymous said...

My rescue pittie thinks that flopping on her back and flalling her legs in the air will make me forget any minor discretions.
I'm a softie though, and it usually works.


Boris said...

No worries Audie,

we all have our moments. They tell me we just pick-up on the stress of our handlers. Maybe, it was something THEY ate.

I love to sneak-up on the patio at Romero's and just chill under the table where fajita fall-out rains down around me. Remember, a down stay never lasts forever & there are always treats at the end.

My recent WORST moment came the past-week CGC test. I found the loves of my life, Brindle mini-Great-Dane on the arm of a sweet gal. I can tell the folks forgave me for giving-out 'uninvited' kisses. I'm now signed me up for the next 8 weeks of training.

As Padre JSP says: "Always forward, ..."
I'll check-back, Boris

Angela S. said...

You are so adorable! I love this post... how remorseful again. I wouldn't be able to resist taking that adorable face to the food and music festival again! - Angela

One voice counts said...

My Mom Edna would have said you threw a hissy fit. Hissy fit kinda implies that you're from the South. And that you're a girl. But from your description I'm thinking what you did makes you an honorary Southern gentleman on a tear. Honored to know you.

Unknown said...

Audie, dude... I really miss you. Reading about you having a melt down in public sort of makes me feel better about my own insecurities. See, I think you're like, amazing, brave and smart. So if YOU have an occasional freak out, I feel better about wanting to whiz my pants sometimes.

Did you hear I had my first Rally show? I wished you and Uba were there with me, but soon enough we'll be there as a team kicking ass on the grass!

Ms. Kitty

Frodo said...

Its OK Audie, I still tink your da coolest dawg in town! (Shhh, but don't tell Uba I said dat. Hee-Hee)