Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Frends make it all gud

Dis pic is me wen I wus fraid of dat leetle shiney box wit one eye starrin at me. WOH! SCARY!

Da best part of califernia is dat all dem dawgs are nice too me an helps me haf fun. Wen Iz wit my frends I not scared no more of dat box. My peeps tell me pawsitive speriences makes me grow up strong. Lookit me buddies here. Dez reel nice to me.

Dis one dawg in da house namez Lola acts like Iz inbizable. Butt ONE day jus da udder day, she likez me! Da man snuk in and sawz us playin an laffs an got dis muvie. I had to try reel hard to do da rite thing so Lola wuld think I'z ok. Mmmm. Shez so pritty an ROLY POLY!

Muvie: My frend Lola


No BSL said...

Frodo you really are a cutie.
You look like you have something to say and it`s right on the tip of your tongue.
I have a cat(and a dog) that would love to be your best friend.
Have you met any cats yet?
They can be a little strange.
Go to YouTube and watch
"Cat videos on the INTERNET"
and you`ll see what I mean.
I watched your video and you`re certainly catching on to playing with dogs.
You look like you`re have a good time.

No BSL said...

See Frodo
Even "perfect" people can make mistakes.
I meant to say "having a good time"

2beemo said...

Who's so supercalifrodolisticexpalidous?!

smason39 said...

Frodo--Is it you or Lola making the lion sounds? I think it's Lola. She's playing hard to get but it looks like she's really starting to get you.

Anonymous said...

oh Frodo, be careful, brudder!
Lola let you sniff her girl parts, but don't take liberties!
She looks like she will bite you if you try anything.
Remember: bitches rule...

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see you play, Frodo! It took my Georgia close to a year to play. You're doing great!

Anonymous said...

What`s new Frodo?
A fan of the "not so famous" but a Star none the less.

One of your biggest fans.
I`m sure you have many.