Saturday, March 15, 2008

cold day,warm bed

Life has been pretty busy lately, a whole lot different from where I was 6 months ago. I was locked in a kennel with hard, cold floors and no friends to play with. I had nothing to do but sit there. Those were very hard times. These days are different now. I go on walks, I go to dog school where I see all my buddies, have wounderful people, chew toys, and have even gone off to far away big cities, to be on something called T.V. All this excitement and running around has been great ! But the best thing it has given me, is the ability to be grateful.

Tonite , I am grateful for a close friend and a warm bed. I hope one day, all the doggies in this world, can snuggle with someone they like, and not live in cages with cold, hard floors. I hope more good people can open thier hearts and homes, for dogs that are still without freedom.

This would be my biggest wish come true.



No BSL said...

I hear ya Jonny.
Are you snuggling with Frodo or who is that?

Jonny Justice said...

That,MG,is my big sis Lily. She has been so cool, sharing her house and stuff with me. She helped me get used to this new life of freedom, by showing me what to do.

She also told me that the same folks that busted me out of jail, did the same for her many years ago. BADRAP, I think she calls them. I sure do like them
BADRAP folks. They are nice.


smason39 said...

Jonny--I'm so happy to see you snuggling with Lily in front of that fire. I think about you when I'm having a bad day and I usually feel a little better. Your BADRAP friends also have a blog--It cheers me up, too, on long, dark, cold Vermont days.