Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another Road Trip!

Only this time we weren’t on the road for nearly as long as that time when we headed out west from Virginia. This road trip was much shorter. My foster mom told me that she was taking me on my very first family vacation. Hmmm…”vacation”…what does that mean?

So, mom loaded up the car and piled us all in, and we drove to a really fun place in the mountains of Northern California. Personally, I like road trips, but I found out that big sister Maxine does not like long car rides nearly as much as me. She spends most of the time squishing herself into some remote corner of the car, doing her best impression of an ostrich, and/or plopping herself on top of the grocery bags, reducing the potato chips and loaf of bread to mere crumbs. If you ask me, I think she’s being kinda silly.

So, as it turns out, “vacation” is one of my very favorite new vocabulary words! Woof!

Just like my buddy Uba said, it is soooooo much fun to play and bounce and wrestle in the snow…

And after all of that excitement, it is very important to find a perfect place to take a nap…

I think I need to ask mom to take me on another vacation very soon!


Anonymous said...

I have to remember not to show this to my dogs. They'll be so jealous! I know, they are so deprived starting with snow.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Ernie - You are such a brave guy, to enjoy your vacation. And that is a truly big word, so you're doing really, really well. Glad you enjoyed it. Maybe you can talk your sister into being a bit more sensible next time. Snow is fun, isn't it?
Love - Jean in Seaside